Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Who's cross is it anyway

The other night I had a profound dream that is still speaking to me and directing me to share the story...
My daughter Maria and I, along with a few other people, were driving around going who knows where when we stopped along the side of the road along this relatively small mountain. We got out of the car to explore and came upon this large wooden cross. Maria and I went to look at it and for some reason I just knew I was supposed to carry it with me. We began to walk down this road, me carrying this heavy, awkward, giant cross on my back(think Jesus), Maria by my side asking me why was I carrying this thing (typical kid) running into all kinds of obstacles in our way. After walking quite a long distance the cross began to fall apart... first the top part came off and soon after that other pieces started to just break away and before I knew it, I was carrying just pieces of a cross. I stopped and looked at these pieces in my hand and came to the conclusion that all I was doing was carrying pieces of wood around for no reason. (Maria knew it all along) I left all the pieces by the side of the road and began to enjoy the walk with my daughter.
Its not too hard to figure out what the meaning of this dream is.. Doesn't it always seem like we are carrying these heavy burdens for no reason. You've heard the expression, "we all have our crosses to bear", well did you ever wonder like my daughter did.. why are you carrying that.
I have realized this past week how many times I have picked up a cross and most of time it isn't even mine... Is it any wonder we all have backs that ache and muscles that are sore.. So if its not my cross, why do I pick it up and if it is my cross, why don't I choose to put it down.. Let the pieces go and enjoy what life has to offer without the heavy burdens. We don't have to carry it around.. and better yet we would be doing the world the greatest service by doing away with all the crosses...Think of all the trees we would save. Love and Light, Joanna