Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Divine Dance - Oct 10th

Please join us for Divine Dance on Friday night, October 10th from 7-9pm. Divine Dance is a free form dance gathering that promotes freedom of body movement and expression of self as a means of meditation, ritual and communion. We dance for about an hour or so (you can take breaks anytime and sit and watch or relax a bit) and then we end with a half hour Chill Meditation.
This is a FUN way to get together with friends and celebrate the body!

If you're wondering what life looks like without all the partying, staying up late in smokey bars and one drink too many - Divine Dance could be the antidote, as it allows you to honor the "wild child" within, without the high cost of partying too hardy! Once you experience how it feels to free your body and release some of that pent up energy in a sacred and profound way, we know you'll love Divine Dance. If you think that being "good" means life is boring - think again!

For more info visit www.divinedancelive.com