Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Angels Within Us

Working with angelic energies is one of the most powerful things that we can do to enrich our lives and safeguard our future. Think about how pleased you are during the course of your business when your phone rings and someone wants to engage your services. You are waiting at the ready to assist those who need your expertise. Isn't that true? Well, it's no different above, as below. For all the different types of jobs and callings we have here on earth, ditto that in the etheric realms.

Why would it be any less creative, varied, ingenious and diverse there, than it is here on earth? The answer is that it is not! But think about how under utilized the services of the angelic forces and the Heirarchy of Light may be in your life. Just as we here in the physical are always trying to do everything by ourselves, the angelic forces and other unseen helpers must sit, much like the Maytag repairman dormant and untapped.

Learning and remembering to call on these forces is something that takes a bit of effort. But it is worth it! Just as when you forge a new business relationship with a new supplier, vendor or associate, so too do these relationships require tending in order to be as effective as they can be. And that is when the fun starts. Learning about these energies brings a whole new realm of joy and hope and love to our existence. Realizing just how cared for, protected and loved we are by understanding the power of angels in our lives brings a whole new level of richness to both our inner and our outer experience.

Here are a couple of really excellent books on the subject:
Angels Within Us: A Spiritual Guide to the Twenty Two Angels that Govern Our Lives - John Randolph Price
Angel Energy: How to Harness the Power of Angels in Your Everyday Life - John Randolph Price
Hiring the Heavens - Jean Slatter