Monday, November 17, 2008

The Promise of the Love of the Goddess

What there will be is something that you are only just beginning to delve into….
a soul connection through an open, honest, intimate relationship with a woman
who holds all the power of the divine feminine within and without her body.
And she is fully aware of how to call down, capture and use this energy for the good of all. All the healing ecstacy, bliss and joy that you can hold is what awaits.

This is a woman that will not compromise her integrity to cling in desperation to anyone.

This is a woman who will not enable your weaknesses.

This is a woman who isn’t afraid to be alone, because she knows she is never alone.

This is a woman who will not allow you to harm her in any way.

This is a woman who is strong enough to be nurturing and tender.

This is a woman whose wisdom is her guide, who doesn’t allow herself to be ruled by her emotions, but allows pure feeling both joy and sadness to flow purely and freely through her.

This is a woman who can be present to you and present to her life.

It will not feel like anything that you are used to.

This is not being in love.

This is Being Love.

Just be love.

For that is what you truly are.

All of the rest is a choice based on your intention.