Friday, February 20, 2009

Prayer for Soul Connection

Mind connects to Heart
Heart connects to Soul
Soul connects to Divinity
All are within and through me
I breathe with my Souls breath
And knowing permeates my body
My soul has been with me since the beginning of time
And will be with me until the end of time
As I connect in this incarnation
I know my purpose
The cloud of unknowing is no more
Only by connecting within do I feel my souls essence
Only by bringing it forth do I allow it to shine
I ask to be congruent with its essence
I ask for clarity in my purpose
And honor what was agreed to in my souls fusion with this body
I am blessed with connection
I am blessed with purpose
I am blessed with divinity
I breathe my souls breath
I am on fire, my soul ignited
In love, in Life
I walk my souls path
And I am set free
And so it is
Thank you

By Joanna Salerno 2/14/2009


Weaves the Web said...

Joanna, that is one of the most beautiful prayers I have ever heard. It taps right into the heart and soul. Thank you for creating it for us. Love you, Renee