Monday, October 5, 2009

The Healing Power of Prayer

Over the years I have experienced the amazing healing power of prayer in my life and the lives of thousands, and today I wanted to share a most personal example of a healing event that recently occurred.

Last weekend I went to take care of my partner who had been sick for several days. The day after I arrived to care for her, I was hit with a blazing fever that knocked me off my feet. One moment I was doing a coaching session on the phone, the next I was literally incoherent, laying in bed and asking for more blankets to cover the several that laid on top of me.

As I laid there moaning, with one of my legs twitching violently as I searched for relief from the fever and intense nausea that had gripped my stomach, I suddenly found myself stating prayers aloud with no conscious intention to do so. As my partner held me in the most loving of ways, I was straining for God's ear, asking to be relieved of this sickness."I was not built to break God, please hear my prayer! " I even went to bargaining with God for moments at a time, saying "If it is your will, I will use this healing in my sermon tomorrow at our church."

The pain, the fever, had gotten so intense that I had no idea of what else to do but to praise God out loud, and as well ask for His healing.I literally felt delirious at this moment, and asked my partner if she would begin praying for me , right here , right now. She instantly held me closer, and prayed to God to bring the healing power of Jesus Christ through her into my body to heal me . As she prayed with such intensity, I could begin to feel a presence directly behind her, and withing moments I knew it was the energy of Christ. I could literally in my minds eye see him standing there right behind her!Her hands became warm, and within ten minutes the fever had totally broken!

The next thing I know, I'm on my back looking straight up to the ceiling and speaking coherently to her, in awe of what had just transpired. My body calmed down, the fever left, and while I would be tired and weak over the next several days, I had felt the healing power of God once again.While this is not new to me, feeling Christ's energy in time of great need or great praise, it was the first time that through prayer someone else had channeled his healing love through to me.

God does indeed work in the most beautiful of ways.The power of prayer must be nurtured every day for it to reach it's highest zenith in your life. How you pray is not as important as doing it daily.

Slow down, pray daily to experience the healing power of prayer in your life.

Love, peace, Rev. David Essel,