Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Dealing with Stress: There's Only One Way

When we are faced with great, or even minor stress, the only way I know that we can begin to overcome it is to feel and bless it at the same time. Let me explain.

There once was a man who had everything in life that anyone could ever desire. Great wealth, a wonderful family and a strong religious path. One day, almost like a great depression, or a stock market crash, all of his wealth was gone. Bam! Gone.When he went home, he went to prayer thanking God for all that he did still have.

The very next day, his children were killed in a freak accident. Through his tears, he still thanked God for all that he had remaining, as you can imagine a very difficult thing to do.His friends came to ask him the reason for his extremely bad luck, assuming he had been the cause somehow of all of his troubles. But, in fact, he had not personally done anything that would have created the havoc he was going through.

A short time later, he came down with a serious illness, life threatening, but still managed to find the strength to give thanks in his prayers.His wife and friends asked him to just give up, to let go of holding onto life, and his gratitude so strongly, so that he could end his personal suffering. But he refused, and instead everyday just went deeper into gratitude for what he still did have.Yes, he also questioned God, wondering how all of this tragedy could have entered his life. And right after that, went to praise.

A while later, his life began to turn around. His health returned, his wealth returned even greater than before, and he had more children with his wife. An amazing experience!The one grounding force during all of his trials was his daily gratitude for what he did have in life. A powerful testament to the power of thankful prayers.

Slow down, as you deal with stress today, feel the discomfort and then go to praise, to prayers of gratitude for all that you do have in life.

Love, peace, Rev. David www.davidessel.com

(the above story, is the story of Job, from the Old Testament)
Posted by David Essel at 3:12