Monday, December 28, 2009


Presented by
Church of Spiritual Light - Ft. Myers, FL
SATURDAY, JAN. 30TH, 2010 – 1-4 PM
with Rev. Lois Cheney
Cost: $35

Reverend Cheney approaches dream analysis and its practical application from the unique perspective of her 30+ years work as a talented psychic, clairvoyant and trance medium.

She believes your dreams are asking to be your most personal intimate helpers. She illustrates the many colorful sometimes humorous or dramatic ways in which your dream maker is constantly working to give you guidance and direction.

Reverend Cheney’s own experience with dream work has convinced her that the information offered in the dream state can bring healing on many levels. She believes dreams are able to offer solutions to any life situation or challenge.

In this workshop she will help you explore:

• Techniques for remembering those elusive dreams
• The best and easiest ways to journal
• Messages in recurring dreams
• The possibility that universal dream symbols exist
• Flying or out-of-body dreams
• Facing the Dream “Bullies”
• Compiling a personal dream symbol dictionary
• Dreams that are not dreams but Visitations
• Techniques for entering a state of lucid dreaming
• Asking questions, receiving answers from your personal dream maker

At the time of the workshop Reverend Cheney encourages you to have one of your personal dreams in mind for study.

For further information you may email or telephone her: 941-961-2783.

Workshop location:
Church of Spiritual Light
1939 Park Meadows Dr. Unit 1
Ft. Myers, Fl 33907