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333 Workshop


Join us for the Free 333 Workshop on February 25th - OPEN TO ALL.

Please read this letter from Jasse Matasse, Life Success Coach & Hypnotherapist, who has been facilitating the powerful MasterMind Groups at the Church of Spiritual Light for the past several months.

Dear friends,
My coach and mentor, Bob Proctor, and I were having a cup of coffee after a seminar one afternoon. The late afternoon sunlight streamed across the delicately patterned tablecloth. The lunch crowd long gone, the hotel restaurant was hushed except for the occasional clink of glasses or silverware. Bob picked up his napkin and took out his pen. His eyes sparkled as he said, “Would you like to know the 333 story? Would you like me tell you what happened one night about a 100 miles north of Toronto and how a client of mine raised 3 million dollars in 3 hours, just 3 days after making the decision to do so?”

It was the best cup of coffee I’ve ever had! I have used the 333 technique over the years to come up with ideas for my own business as well as helping my coaching clients. It always works.

Now you can use it too! After our regular MasterMind class on Thursday, February 25, I’ll be teaching you how to use 333 in your life and business. We’ll begin promptly at 1:45 PM – 2:45 PM.

The intention of this 333 is to help our fellow MasterMinder, Reverend Renee Bledsoe, Visionary and Founder of The Church of Spiritual Light to generate additional revenue. All Renee has to do is decide what she wants and when she wants it. You’ll learn, by observing or participating, how easily the technique works.

Is there someone in your life that you would like to help? Do you know someone who is struggling with life or business right now? This free one-hour training class is open to anyone you would like to invite!

Here is what Bob Proctor told me in that hotel restaurant. It appears on pages 187-191 in his book “You Were Born Rich”.

The 333 Story
I was doing a seminar, which ran from Thursday night to Sunday, at the Deerhurst Lodge, which is a resort approximately 100 miles north of Toronto. On the Friday night, a tornado swept through Barrie, Ontario, a town about 40 miles south of Deerhurst. The tornado killed a dozen people and did millions of dollars worth of damage. On the Sunday night, as I was coming home, I stopped the car when I got to Barrie. I got out on the side of the highway and looked around. It was a mess. Everywhere I looked, there were smashed houses and cars turned upside down.

That same night, another gentleman, Bob Templeton, was driving down the same highway. He and I had never met, however, and idea from my seminar was about to bring us together in a lasting friendship. He stopped to look at the disaster, just as I had, only his thoughts were different than my own. Bob was the vice-president of Telemedia Communications, a company which owns a string of radio stations in Ontario and Quebec. As he stood there viewing the disaster, he thought there must be something he could do for these people (with the radio stations he had). That thought kept returning to his mind that night and all the next day.

The following night, I was doing another seminar in Toronto. Bob Templeton and Bob Johnson, another vice-president from Telemedia, came in and stood at the back of the room. They were evaluating my seminar, trying to decide if I could help their company reach its goals, which I ultimately did. Because of Bob Templeton’s influence, I subsequently worked for the entire Canadian broadcasting industry. He loved what I was doing in my seminars because it was in harmony with his way of thinking.

Bob Templeton’s became fascinated with the laws of the universe, particularly The Law of Polarity or as it is often referred to, The Law of Opposites. This law clearly states everything has and opposite. You cannot have an up without a down, hot without cold, or in without out. By the same token, if you can figure out why something you want to do cannot be done, by law, you must be able to figure out how it can be done. People who accomplish great things are aware of the negative, however, they give all of their mental energy to the positive.

After the seminar, Bob Templeton went back to his office. He told me it was late but this one idea he picked up had him excited. It also had him committed to the idea of raising millions of dollars and giving it to the people who had been caught in the tornado, and he was going to raise the money immediately! Furthermore, he was not remotely interested in why he couldn’t.

The following Friday he called all of his executives at Telemedia into his office. At the top of a flip chart in bold letters, he wrote three 3’s. He said to his executives, “How would you like to raise 3 million dollars, 3 days from now, in just 3 hours and give the money to the people of Barrie?” There was nothing by silence in the room.

Finally someone said, “Templeton, you’re crazy. There is absolutely no way we could raise 3 million dollars, in 3 hours, 3 days from now!”

Bob said, “Wait a minute. I didn’t ask you if we could or even if we should. I just asked you if you would like to.” Bob Templeton was wise; he was appealing to the charitable side of their nature. It was important for those present to openly admit that this was something they wanted to do. Bob Templeton knew that his new idea could show anyone how to accomplish anything they wanted by working with the law.

They all said, “Sure, we’d like to.” He then drew a large T underneath the 333. On one side he wrote, ‘Why We Can’t.” On the other side he wrote, ‘How We Can.’ under the words, ‘Why We Can’t,” Bob Templeton drew a large X. As he placed the X on the flip chart, he said, “Now there is no place to record the ideas we think of which explain why we can’t raise 3 million dollars, in 3 hours, 3 days from now, regardless of how valid they might be.” He continued by explaining, “When anyone calls out and idea which suggests why we can’t, everyone else must yell out as loud as they can, NEXT. That will be our command to go to the next idea. Ideas are like the cars on a train, one always follows the other. We will keep saying Next until a positive idea arrives.

Bob smiled and continued to explain that, “Opposite the X on the other side of the flip chart, directly under the words, “How We Can,” I will write down every idea that we can come up with on how we can raise 3 million dollars, in 3 hours, 3 days from now.” He also suggested in a very serious tone of voice, that everyone will remain in the room until we figure it out. “We are not only going to think of how we can raise 3 million dollars immediately, after we originate the ideas we are going to execute them!” There was silence again.

Finally, someone said, “We could do a radio show across Canada.”

Bob said, “That’s a great idea,” and wrote it down under, ‘How We Can’.

Before he had it written on the right hand side of the flip chart, someone said, “You can’t do a radio show across Canada. We don’t have radio stations across Canada!” Since Telemedia only had stations in Ontario and Quebec, you must admit that was a pretty valid objection. However, someone in the back of the room, in a rather soft tone said, “Next.”

Bob Templeton replied, “doing a radio show is How We Can. That idea stays.” But this truly did sound like a ridiculous idea, because radio stations are very competitive. They usually don’t work together and to get them to do so would be virtually impossible according to the standard way of thinking.

All of a sudden someone suggested, “You could get Harvey Kirk and Lloyd Robertson, the biggest names in Canadian broadcasting, to anchor the show.” These gentlemen are anchors of national stature in the Canadian television industry. Someone clearly spoke out saying, “They’re not going to go on radio.” But, at that point the group yelled, “NEXT.” Bob said, that was when the energy shifted; everyone got involved and it was absolutely amazing how fast and furious the creative ideas began to flow.

That was on a Friday. The following Tuesday they had a radiothon, where 60 radio stations, from all across the country, agreed to work in harmony for such a good cause. They felt it didn’t matter who got the credit, as long as the people in Barrie got the money. Harvey Kirk and Lloyd Robertson anchored the show and they succeeded in raising 3 million dollars, in 3 hours, within 3 business days.

You see, you can have whatever you want; all things are possible when you put your focus on how you can and “Next” every idea telling you why you can’t.

So here is the question.

For 28 years, as a Speaker, Life Coach, Columnist, and Hypnotherapist, Jasse "jazz" Matasse's passion continues to be showing you how to bridge the gap from where you where you want to be!

The 333 Solution
with Jasse Matasse, ACHT, CH, ACHTI, BCC

Place: Church of Spiritual Light, 1939 Park Meadows Drive, Unit 1, Ft. Myers, FL 33907
Date: Thursday, February 25 after MasterMind
1:45 PM to 2:45 PM
Tuition: Free, Invite family and friends
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Know someone who needs help but cannot make the workshop? Have them e-mail Jasse and request a free handout. Put 333 in subject line at or call 772-332-3889 today.


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