Friday, April 30, 2010

Inspired Creation: Graces of the Muse

May brings a great deal of inspiration with all the restored beauty of the earth as the new  growth of spring is in full effect. The phoenix rising from the ashes always brings in new high and vital energy for creativity, romance and passion. This month we will explore the power of the Muse, finding this creature within and tapping into the grace that flows into our life as a result of appreciating the beauty that wants expression.

See below the affirmations for the month of May to help you Find Your Muse!

Grace of the Muses

I have a passion to create.
I am a conscious co-creator of my life.
I walk in beauty always and in all ways.
There is a force within me to be reckoned with.
I am dreaming a life of love, grace and beauty.
My creativity is inspired and inspiring.
Inspiration comes to me easily.
I am a channel for the magic within me.
I express myself from my truest essence.
I am filled with ideas and guided to take action on them.
I organize a beautiful space to create my dreams.
I imagine beauty every day.
I clear my mind with meditation, silence and calm reflection.
I awaken to my passion.
I allow my soul to seek expression.
I am a gift to the world.
What I love will help and heal others.
I connect to the artist within.
My emotions are expressions of my soul.
My imagination is the gateway to other realms.
My dreams guide me along the path of realization.
I am awakening to my special genius.
I am a messenger.
I source the courage to express my authentic self.
I bless the waters of my body and the earth.
I allow creativity to flow through me.
I am filled with purpose and passion.
My life is a masterpiece.