Wednesday, August 3, 2011

August 2011: Art for Life

"Everything you can imagine is real."  — Pablo Picasso

We reveal ourselves to ourselves and to the world by what we create. Come and join us this month to experience the divine within your creations. We're talking about everything you experience, design, or make, everything you art. Your entire life can be a sacrament, a prayer and a devotion to the magnificence of being human and having this experience to becoming even more fully human. We're so busy trying to become holy, that we miss the mark and don't realize the full potential of being human and all that it entails. Certainly we seek to purify ourselves, but that does not mean that we live a dry, dull life, toeing some imaginary line that our distorted psyche holds us to. What we are exploring this month is the inner doorways to absolute abundance of Spirit within which leads us to our highest creative ideas and gives us the inspiration to create our lives from the next level of existence. Higher consciousness brings new ways of seeing the world...and this is an exciting vision to have. It infuses and inspires everything in an unexpected and often magically endearing way. For in that space, a common tea kettle is a miracle, a motorcycle is a dragon, a car is a golden carriage and human beings are works of art!

Sunday Talks with Rev. Renee Bledsoe

August 7 - Guest Speaker - Rev. David Essel
August 14 - Creation & Inspiration
August 21 - The Muse is Loose
August 28 - Art for Life

Everyday I create something beautiful.
I am a co-creator with the divine.
My powers of creation are ever evolving.
I create with confidence and courage.
I stretch myself by trying new things.
I embrace failure as proof that I am creating.
I consider the hidden intention of my “errors”.
My “mistakes” are lessons to learn from.
I give myself the leeway to make mistakes.
I love life and life loves me.
I take inspiration from nature.
I allow myself time to daydream regularly.
When I am still, I am also creating.
There is much to be expressed from within me.
I look forward to what is revealed through my creativity.
I help others to be creative.
I allow my unconscious to be expressed in my art.
I trust my own creative process.
It is possible to make money from my art.
I bring color and my use of it into my awareness.
I use color to change and command my energy.
I am human, a multi-colored being of light.
I give myself permission to be creative.
I am creative in all my endeavors.
I let my imagination soar.
My life is a masterpiece.
I am a work of art.
Life is my art.