Friday, December 2, 2011

December 2011: True North

Let yourself be silently drawn by the stronger pull of what you really love. – Rumi

What do you love? And who do you love? When are you the most present in your life? What experiences bring you joy and put you in flow? How often do your encounter this in your day to day life? These are all important questions to ask ourselves. For as we do, we find our True North. True North is where we live... as in what makes us come alive, feel energized, inspired and blissful.

On the medicine wheel, the cardinal direction of North is the aspect of the earth and physical manifestation, our body and the actions that we take. It is in these actions that we truly stand in our power and operate from our True North as we walk the earth walk. As we come to know ourselves better, we come to understand the entire creation. As we gain understanding through the wisdom of the earth, we align all the wills to create our life through our unique purpose and passion, not simply from passing fancy or addiction.

During the Winter Solstice and Christmas season we give birth to the seeds of radiant light within our being. There isn't a better time to consciously plant the seeds of our most cherished desires into our heart for safe keeping, as more clarity and new intentions reveal themselves. The ability to tap into angelic forces, ascended masters and beings of light are very strong at this time and they are all awaiting to be called upon.

It's time to receive the wisdom of your Higher Self. The suffering is at an end and the New Earth holds the seeds of much beauty. Find your passion and you'll find where True North lives within you.

Your “true north” cannot be redirected by external pressures.  ~ Bill George

Sunday Talks with Rev. Renee Bledsoe
December 04 - Direction, Pathways & Purpose
December 11 - Seek and Find, Ask and it is Given
December 18 - Sacred Circle Altar - Calling All Angels - followed by Holiday Potluck Luncheon
December 25 - 7pm Candlelight Ceremony/Meditation - Open House (No AM service)

December Affirmations
I am open to receiving guidance and direction from my higher self.
I am a being of light expressing love in the manifested world.
I create a world of beauty.
I walk in beauty.
I give my soul expression.
I am always creating through the loving intentions of my higher wisdom.
I deepen and strengthen my connection with the indwelling Spirit.
My love is my light.
I experience love in new ways.
I see the perfection of my path.
I am guided to my highest good through the process of life itself.
I am the intention of a loving creationary force for good.
I am the fulfillment of the desire for life.
I work with the cardinal directions for protection and creation.
I plant the seeds of realization for my highest good within my heart.
I awaken to my bliss.
I follow the pull of my grandest desires.
I trust that my joy will bring joy to the world.
I am a portal of light and I enlighten the world.
I call upon beings of light and angelic forces to guide and guard me.
I am created in the image of the Master of Light.
I shine my light on this earth, so that others may find their True North.
I merge with my higher self.
I am the light of the world.