Monday, July 23, 2012

Birth of a God

Birth of a God
God is being born on the planet right now.
He is being born through She.
He is an electrifying, individuating force.
He moves through us like lightning and fire.
She is now strong enough to contain the voltage and amperage.
She has magnetized and attracted Him.
She is pregnant with herself, full of emptiness.
She is Gaia.
She is nature.
She is you and me.
The electricity is administering shock therapy to some,
shakti to others, and CPR to most.
Awakening, incepting, jump starting the
Fire in the Soul.
Rem-embering and Inspiriting
The God force is activating within each individual
and literally catching fire.
God and Goddess are becoming one.
Light and Love.
Mind and Soul.
Scientist and Artist.
Priest and Shaman.
Connecting all to the Heart ring.
He moves through the eye, the gap, the void of Her creation.
Splitting each atomically through diamond like pressure
and causing the absolutely and unutterably unique I AM presence
to Shine and reveal itself to and through the Observable Universe.
God and Goddess have re-united and we are one.

copyright 2012 Rev. Renee Bledsoe