Friday, May 3, 2013

May 2013: Divine Goddess

Divine Goddess energy is coming now in full force upon the planet, through our consciousness... through our awareness... through our mindfulness... that makes way for us to release and remove the protective casing around our hearts to bring us into the everyday experiences of living a life devoted to love.

We are poised now to share, communicate, collaborate and create a synergy that has never been so fully realized before in the history of humanity. We are evolving and growing at an accelerated pace, but it has never been more important to understand that this growth is for the purposes of experiencing ever greater levels of love, creativity, delight, joy, and peace.

The process of enlightenment, which is largely a deconstructive process in the beginning, must upon its return bring us back to love and creativity. If we are focused upon control and force, then we still may have a way to go before we can make our return. For true enlightenment will bring us each to stand fully in the light of the I AM PRESENCE within and to an understanding that all the power that ever was or will be is already here now.

Now is the time for turning our attention away from what we do not want, as we do the final sweep up and clearing, and to focus on what we DO want to create. The joy comes now for us as we understand the full implications of tribal community in the creationary process. No longer working alone, but taking the gifts we have excavated from our inward journey we now keep our heart circuitry in a state of constant flow. There is no longer any reason to shut down our hearts because of fear or protection. Our protection is our love... the love that we have for others and the love that we have for ourselves.... for the earth.... for the creation and the creator all becomes the same love.

We learn the importance of feeling all our feelings so that we can experience the full range of our emotions. For we cannot exclude our own well-being from the mix. It is in this space that we finally understand that whatever we do to and for ourselves, we do to and for the world. We no longer feel the separation and so we know that when we are taking good care of ourselves that if we do so in integrity it will overflow to benefit others. We know that when we walk the beauty way, that we put this energy in our field and those we come into contact with will be uplifted and inspired, as well, to create in the beauty way.

Sometimes we are called to do a great deal of clearing work to make way for beauty, love and joy... to give ourselves the time and space to create anew. We must build the faith that allows us to remain positive about what is unfolding, even if it is unknown. For as the soul emerges it is truly a great mystery and the glory of our true essence reveals itself bit by bit so that we can understand the reality of our TRUE nature. We have judged our capabilities as humans while we have been in a child state. Now we are maturing and stepping into our creator powers. It's time to walk the beauty way, where all things are bright and beautiful. It's time to remember and embody the Divine Goddess within each any every one of us. She has been here all along... now it is time to see her and BE Her

Sunday Talks with Rev. Renee Bledsoe
May 05 - Divine Goddess: Who is She?
May 12 - Mother's Love - Sacred Altar - Church in Circle
May  19 - The Soul of the World
May  26 - All things Bright and Beautiful

May Affirmations
I am walking the beauty way.
I see all things bright and beautiful.
I am strong enough to feel my feelings
I am compassionate and empathic without absorbing other's energy.
I have tools, like ritual and prayer which honor my soul and cleanse my body.
My life is a ceremony in celebration of love.
Divine intelligence is always seeking new expressions of love.
My creative life force is a type of intelligence that is tied to my intuition and intelligence.
I acknowledge the beauty in all things.
I allow the story of my life to change into a positive expression.
I allow others to change their life story.
I open my hand to release personal control and receive divine energy.
I trust in the creator to create my life in love.
I behold the beauty of my journey wherever I am at.
I walk this path with my kindred souls.
I allow my tribe to support me on my journey.
I offer support to my tribe.
I gather together in sacred ceremony with my people.
I see God and Goddess in everyone.
I work with the essences and the energy of flowers and botanicals.
I work with color and light for healing and balancing.
I am a blessing of light.
I am blessed by the light.
I am a loveworker.
I remember Divine Mother and release her from her hiding place.
My heavenly mother is within me and all around.
She reminds me to receive love from all directions.
I receive the energy of the Goddess.