Wednesday, June 19, 2013

June Goddess Gathering: VESTA

June Goddess: VESTA (Vestal Virgins)
“She had power over the most magnificent forces on Earth, 
but she still didn’t feel like she had power
over the most important thing of all—her own heart.” 
― Josephine Angelini, Goddess

Join us for our monthly gathering of the Goddesses for an evening of festivity and celebration of the divine feminine. These events are always guided by the Goddess we invoke and this evening, in honor of the Summer Solstice, we will be communing with Vesta, the Roman Fire Goddess of home and hearth. Here we will become as her Priestesses in ancient Rome keeping the sacred flame within the temple alive... Discovering our own sacred flame and what we need to do for ourselves to keep our own eternal flame well tended and strong. This is a wonderful opportunity to connect to your divine nature through the archetype of the beautiful Vesta and commune with other Goddesses!

Come and celebrate being a woman. Dress as befitting a Goddess. Working with the energy of the Divine Feminine is a powerful way to bring great powers of love into your life. Discover who you really are...

4th Thursday of the month (beginning on June 27) 6:30pm  $10

Facilitated by Samantha Banks and Rev. Renee Bledsoe
Hosted at Church of Spiritual Light, 1939 Park Meadows Drive #1, Ft Myers, Fl 33907
A program of the People Shine Project (