Sunday, December 21, 2014

Masters of Light Healing Sanctuary

 Come and experience this sacred healing sanctuary open house with your Healing Angels, Divine Healing Doctors, and Spirit Guides. Release all your burdens, worry, and negative energy and let the Healing Light flow to you, cleansing and purifying your physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual bodies. You might also receive messages during your healing session. Please wear white or light color clothing. 

This event is open and free to the public. We are opening the doors of our healing sanctuary to all on this day. Church of Spiritual Light has been the curators and keepers of this sacred space since 2008. In that time we have fostered, welcomed and entertained a great deal of healing energies, Masters of Light, Angelic beings, metaphysical healers both seen and unseen, and energy workers.

All has been tended with the deepest devotion to bringing in a focused and powerfully charged way, extra-ordinary opportunities for healing and enlightenment. All miracles come from within first... and then begin to spread outward. The miracle of Church of Spiritual Light is now overflowing to you!

We have joined forces, and are sanctioned and approved keepers of the John of God Crystal Healing Bed, which true to the Law of Attraction, has only served to augment and further galvanize the spiritual currents and healing beings that have always been available at CoSL.

During the Healing Sanctuary Open House mediums will be in service, holding space and allowing for an increase in the spiritual powers that are available in the space for the purposes of this special event. Just being in the space will present opportunities for healing, peace and renewal of the body-mind-spirit-soul connection. Throughout the meditation, one of our attendants may be guided to give an individual the instruction to receive a short session on the JOG Crystal Healing Bed. This will be done strictly as guided by Spirit and the healing entities , on an as needed basis (there is no charge on this day).

Some of the spiritual guides that we work with include:
Jesus, Isis, Buddha, Kwan Yin and Krishna, John of God, Sai Maa, Nicholas Black Elk, Dwjal Khul, Mikao Usui, Marcel Vogel, St. Ignatius, St. Rita, Mother Mary, Mary Magdelene, White Buffalo Calf Woman, St. Germain and Archangels Michael, Raphael, Gabriel and Uriel, Seraphim...among others.
Click here to learn more about the John of God Crystal Healing Bed.

This event is facilitated by Rev. Renee Bledsoe and Melissa Leblanc. 
In Perfect Peace,

Rev. Renee Bledsoe
Church of Spiritual Light 

1) Do I need to RSVP and what is the cost?
No need to RSVP, and there is no charge for the event or for the JOG healing bed on that day.

2) Do I need to wear white and why?
It is important that you wear white comfortable clothing. The healing entities see our energy body, and this assists that process.

3) Do I have to stay the whole time?
No you do not need to stay the whole time, and can come in anytime from 3-7pm.

4) Will everyone get a session on the John of God bed?
Everyone will not receive a session on the bed during this event. The facilitators will be spiritually guided as to whom needs a session on the bed at that time.  It is our firm intention that you will receive exactly what you NEED on that day for your highest good.

5) What might I experience?
This type of healing process initiates a 50/50 partnership between the energetic forces of the healing entities, and the clients own individual personal spiritual work. Many people, however, report the following:
Feeling deep relaxation and connection to the earth and universe
Feeling a deeper spiritual understanding of themselves
Feeling more peace within themselves
Intuitively more clear on their life path;
Sudden and clear insight about how best to deal with their disease or problems
Greater mind, body, spirit connection.