Wednesday, March 2, 2016

MARCH 2016: Of Magic & Miracles

MARCH 2016: Of Magic & Miracles
“One need not worry or fret about any secret magic to begin to unlock her inner soul. It will respond to the one who seeks it.” ― Rumi

Sunday Talks with Rev. Renee Bledsoe
March 06 - Bringing Back the Magic
March 13 - How to Make Miracles
March 20 - Church in Circle - Spring Equinox Blessing
March 27 - Easter Sunday Celebration with Rev. Jacqueline Weiks

I open to the language of my soul.
I am filled with the Light of the creator.
I resource myself with breath and light.
I take care of my body as an extension of my soul.
I use the mirror of my relationships to discover and heal my soul.
I clear and heal myself so that I can stand before others and mirror wholeness.
My wholeness is my perfection.
When I totally accept myself in the moment, I am whole.
Wholeness leads to wellness.
I heal myself and this world through my perfect love.
Love is patient.
I am devoted to the Light.
I am devoted to my soul.
I express my soul's desires.
What I seek is seeking me.
I am a mirror for the Light.
I become transparent to negativity and suffering.
I see the world through the eyes of compassion.
I am a witness to my own wholeness.
All is perfect in this moment.
I am guided moment by moment along the path of liberation.
I am free to choose love.
I raise my vibration with music and positive affirmations.
I live in the magic.
I am a miracle of life.