Tuesday, May 31, 2016


Lead With Your Heart
“Men are governed only by serving them; this rule is without exception." - V. Cousin

Sunday Talks with Rev. Renee Bledsoe
June 05 - Leading With Your Heart: Being in Service
June 12 - Healing the Heart
June 19 - Church in Circle: Sunner Solstice's & Father's Day Celebration
June 26 - The Art & Craft of Receiving Love

I  believe in the power of love.
I believe in the beauty of my dreams.
My dreams are important to me in ways beyond my imagining.
I allow myself time to rest and restore.
I schedule fun and play into my life every day.
When I smile, the whole world is alight with my love.
When I laugh, the angels are celebrating.
The care and feeding of my spirit is just as important as the care I give my body.
I give myself time to visualize, meditate and create.
When I am peaceful and tranquil, I am open to more inspiration.
I am inspired by the Light.
Each morning I lie quietly before arising and allow my higher self to speak to me.
I receive high inspiration from the quiet of my soul.
My soul speaks in silence.
I am a master of the art of doing without doing.
I treat myself as royalty and everyday I wear an invisible crown.
When I am happy, I give off the vibration of happiness and everyone and everything I come in contact with benefits.
I accept my highest good into my life in the manner in which it should unfold.
I rest in the belief that the Universe is supporting my purpose.
I acknowledge any apparent misfortune, but I see only good.
I experience my feelings clearly without attaching emotional baggage from the past.
I am filled with the endless blessings of the creator.
I find creative ways to relax my body and mind.
I breathe my cares away and restore myself with the breath of life.
I am leading with my heart.
I walk the path of love.