Friday, February 2, 2018

Art & Soul Painting Class

February 23rd 2018, Friday 6:30pm

Activate your Inner Artist...set the Muse loose!
In this process you will bring forth messages through your own artistry, as you work through a specific theme that is chosen each month in this 6 class series. You can attend just one class or all of them.

The themes and images will take you on a very powerful spiritual journey. The soul communicates in symbology and imagery. As you communicate with your own soul in this way the great mysteries within are revealed to you in a beautiful way that is fun and creative!

Cost per class: $35
Class includes all paint, paint supplies and canvas
(No painting experience required.)

February: Portals
March: Tree of Life
April: Pheonix Rising
May: Roses
June: Atlantis
July: Galaxy

Must RSVP Rev. Renee... PM or 239-569-631