Thursday, March 12, 2009

March 12, 2009
Somewhere Within Me, A Harp Is Singing.
Maintaining balance in our lives is as unique as our fingerprints. What works for one of us is completely different for another. We all struggle for balance in our lives. Aside from the business of the day, we still need something else. This goes beyond socialization, in whatever the choice of our poison may be. It is an internal yearning we all have and we so often starve. The desire for peace. The need for quiet. The necessity for mental decompression.
Some of us meditate, others may pray, and another may just BE. I tend to do it all, sometimes. I so want to feed myself daily and nourish my soul with something other than my business and personal endeavors. My soul still yearns for something much deeper than my physical body could ever obtain.
My sister Joanna is ten years older than I am. She is a reverend and spiritual healer. Joanna is quite accomplished on the "inside" work. At present, I'm attempting to build her business as she continuously is on the run speaking, healing, teaching, learning, and of course, mediating and praying. I, on the other hand, am in the business of helping other businesses. Each day I remind myself not to begin my work without giving my spirit some much-needed nourishment. You see, I do the outer really well and far better than the inner. Truthfully, I don't how that happened. I was born Catholic and often shared my Oreo cookies with a guy named Jesus, and at twelve announced I was to become a Nun. For God's sake, I'm a Pisces.
It seems the movement of seeking wholeness and connectedness is rampant. The human yearning for fusion of mind, body, and spirit. What I'm noticing is the strong relationship between the desire to have this balance and one's own personal success. In recent observations, I've noticed several personal blogs belonging to successful business gurus’ that seem to scream with this inner desire for something more.
Admittedly, I have had my own yearning to change my business focus and energy towards those who have devoted their lives to spiritual guidance, healing, and mind, body, spirit practices. Along with my sister, these practitioners often find themselves lost inside the social networking frenzy. It just doesn't speak to them. They don't have time for it and truthfully, we need them to have the freedom to serve humankind in a different way, bringing mind, body, and spiritual teachings into our lives, reminding us daily to nourish our own souls.
Somewhere within me, a harp is singing a song of a marriage. A union that acknowledges the necessity for a properous business with global presence while providing freedom for our teachers and healers to continue spreading thier message, bringing peace and healing upon this earth.
by Michelle Lorito Chase