Monday, March 9, 2009

Spiritual Power

How do you develop your spiritual power? This seems to be a recurring
theme, doesn’t it. Spiritual power is certainly not about the ego and
about power to control as it is normally conceived of in the
materialistic society. As long as your goals are purely selfish in
nature, God will mercifully limit your ability to access spiritual
power. This is for your own good as well as those around you.

Therefore, the first condition is that your desire for spiritual power
must come from a deep sense of compassion and a desire to use this
power only for the benefit of other living beings. When this strong
desire to serve others is combined with complete faith that God will
provide everything necessary to enable you to achieve your mission,
then unlimited power will be available to you. These two elements are
the keys to spiritual power. Compassion to serve others and faith that
you are truly engaged in God’s mission. This power has the potential
to transform the world.

source: Ted Murray