Thursday, July 23, 2009

Archetypal Energy Healing

Most of us work with archetypes all the time, even if we don't consciously know what they are or that we are doing it. For most of us it starts when we are very young as we emulated mom or dad or older siblings. Whenever we seek to wear the latest fashion, or look up to movie stars we are doing something far greater than mere idol worship. We are attempting to activate codes and ways of being within our own psyche. We are trying to "run a program".

Problems can occur with this when we are not conscious of the underlying power of the forces at work. Turn this into the shadow and this is the means by which "good people, go bad". Archetypes are very, very powerful forces and they hold a dimension all their own, which is very, very close to the physical realm. These are some of the most tangible, yet unseen, forces on earth. Yet, they are here for our edification, enlightenment, enrichment and advancement as a species.

Did you ever see an episode of Star Trek that features the HoloDeck? The HoloDeck (short for Hologram) is where the crew could go to have a virtual reality experience and become an actor in an existing play or a scenario of their own. This is not unlike how we work with archetypes. And there are people who are living and breathing right now on this earth who are human embodiments of certain archetypes. That is why potentially you may find your self so attracted to someone or something. And so this reveals to us that the archetypes that matter to us most may be out-pictured in our world according to what we value.

Wow, this seems to make it critical to discover and become aware of the energies and attitudes or the "programs" we are running in our life and to realize what we truly value. The power in this, though is not simply to see what we've been doing wrong. But to actually learn how to infuse our life with archetypal forces to help us create and run new programs in our life, open ourselves up to new ways of being in the world and creating ourselves and our experiences at a whole new level.

The archetypes were poignantly present to the ancient Greeks. And if you'll recall this was a pivotal point in history which unleashed and ushered forward untold amounts of discovery, invention and creativity all of which continues to impact us today. To the Greeks, the Gods and Goddesses were real. And in many ways they are just as real as anything physical, mainly because they are always taking physical form through our own psyches. So why not work consciously with the strength of Apollo, who some would liken to the angelic being Archangel Michael, whose strength and protection is an unrivaled force for the good of all mankind. Or why not work with the Bodhisattva and allow the power of this compassionate being to infiltrate your own being with love and forgiveness.

The amazing thing is that there are thousands of archetypes to work with. Some are very universal and pertain to us all and some are highly specialized, yet just about all archetypes hold some great universal truth in it's purest essence. Archetypes provide us with the means to interpret our reality without the influence of our sensory stimulation. Therefore they are very powerful to our psyche, because they are a pure energy download which can directly interpret our belief system bypassing subjective processes of thought, logic and reasoning.

Archetypes can bring us to a state of pure feeling and can affect our state, as well as reveal it. As we become aware of their influence in our life we can actively work with these holographic energies and multi-dimensional patterns to help bring us to the heights of our human potential. Who knows, maybe one day you'll emerge as an archetype... maybe you already are.

Source: Renee Bledsoe, Addiction Alchemy