Sunday, January 9, 2011

Meditation Rescue Workshop

Meditation Rescue Workshop with Rev. Renee Bledsoe

Having difficulty with meditation? Can't get rid of the monkey mind? Crawling out of your skin or experiencing other discomfort while attempting to meditate? If so, read on... We have designed a class just for you!

Come and learn some techniques to increase the effectiveness of your meditation practice. Discover and explore alternative methods of meditation, as well as how to use mindfulness to "turn off your mind" by coming into complete acceptance of your thoughts and simply becoming the observer. It is this "observer" within you that will lead you to a place of peace, calming the central nervous system and helping you to access higher consciousness.

In this time where we suffer from over-stimulation and information overload, meditation is becoming more of a must than ever before. Take the time now to access the doorway into your inner being with the help of someone who overcame obstacles to meditation and understands the common blocks to meditation.

Your brilliant, intelligent active mind is a great strength, but without the checks and balances of the other half of the brain, it can become a weakness. Meditation allows you to tap into the intuitive, soul aspects of your being and will encourage more whole brain functioning, body chemistry regulation and the opportunity for holistic healing.

Meditation Practice Workshop - $10
Sunday, January 16, 2:00pm – 3:30pm
1939 Park Meadows Dr., #1, Fort Myers, FL 33907
RSVP to Rev. Renee Bledsoe 239-560-6314