Tuesday, February 1, 2011

February 2011: Heart & Soul

February is the month of love. Let us help you renew your romance for life. As we continue on our journey to the soul, how fitting it is that our first stop be at our heart. It might be said that the heart is the mouth of the soul and what we take into our hearts is what we believe. What we believe shapes our attitudes, behaviors, actions, all physical manifestations and ultimately our soul's destiny. This month we will be exploring ways to purify our hearts and what we take into them. Feeding our hearts and clearing our belief systems is how we regain a deeper connection to our soul and spirit. We want to let our soul take a new shape, released from any burdens of fear, lack, doubt and judgment. This month we will set our souls free to love and express ourselves in joy and be the cause of joy not only to ourselves, but to others, just by being our most authentic self... and sharing our soul.

Sunday Sermons with Rev. Renee Bledsoe
Feb 6 - Anatomy of the Heart and Soul
Feb 13 - Don't Kill Cupid!
Feb 20 - Tough Mind, Tender Heart
Feb 27 - Lead with Your Heart

February Affirmations
I am love.
I take only good things into my heart and soul.
My heart is the gateway to my soul.
What I believe I take to my heart. What is in my heart shapes my soul.
I send lovingkindness to my own heart.
I send longingkindness to everything and everyone.
I surrender to my soul and accept my own divinity.
I purify my heart and soul.
My heart is smiling.
I surround myself with the energy of love.
Unconditonal love also includes tough love.
I release all acts of inner violence such as fear, doubt and judgment of myself and others.
I acknowledge and accept others just as they are.
I acknowledge and accept myself just as I am.
I am free to express my soul.
I bless my heart.
I bless my hands.
I bless my feet.
I bless my body.
I bless my mind.
I bless my spirit.
I bless the earth.
I bless the environment.
I bless the ocean.
I bless humanity.
I bless the animals.
I bless my food.
I bless my home.
I bless everything.
I bless my community.
I bless my friends.
I bless my family.
I feel the heartbeat of mother earth in my soul.
I engage in a healthy romance with life.
I bring new levels of intimacy and love into all my relationships.
I am free to love.

Join us for a Valentine Potluck Luncheon, Sunday Feb 13th, immediately following our Sunday service. Please bring your favorite dish to share!