Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Drum Making Ceremonial Workshop

“The drum is the Great Spirit’s favorite instrument. That is why we were all given a heartbeat.” ~Navajo Elder

Do you know the sound of your own heartbeat?
Are you open to listen?
Do you walk to the beat of your own drum or do you follow the crowd?
Is the drum calling you to take back your power and begin walking to the beat of your own drum?

The drum is a a tool for you to learn to listen to your own voice. Now, you can learn to make your own drum and begin your journey towards rhythm and grace. If you are being called to learn the traditional stories of the drum and to make your own drum, join us on March 12th and 13th......and awaken your drum to the sound of your voice.

Trina Hayes is a storyteller and healing drum teacher. She made her first drum almost eleven years ago after being diagnosed with a lump in her breast, which was her awakening to the need to go back to her roots and to become the ‘strong woman’ she knew she was intended to be. Allow her to guide you on your journey of healing and embracing your own voice.

March 12 & 13th  - 2-6pm
Cost: $170
Location: Church of Spiritual Light, 1939 Park Meadows Dr. #1, Fort Myers, Fl 33908
RSVP: Rev. Renee Bledsoe 239-560-6314
You must sign up as space is limited due to the highly sacred and personalized nature of this process.


Anonymous said...

Cannot make this class - when is the next one?