Saturday, August 11, 2012

Enter the Garden Retreat

Discover where you are on the Path of Love…

Join us to Unlock the Mystery of your Sacred Self and gain access to a life of empowerment.

During this very intimate weekend retreat, we will explore the physical realm of security, desire and purpose to see where we are anchored in our world and where we are in a holding pattern.

We will move from the outer to our inner world to see how we relate to ourselves, to others and to Spirit.  These Sacred Relationships test us, support us and foster our growth, helping us to find our Voice and Life Purpose. 

We will see how the Holy Trinity of Divine Intelligence, Divine Love and Divine Presence unite in our energy fields as we learn to master each part of ourselves. 

We are coming online to a higher level of being, to a more fully actualized human.  See how the beautiful Divine Plan and Organization of Energy of which you are made is the perfect vehicle for your enlightenment! 

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