Thursday, September 13, 2012

30 Shamanic Questions Discussion Group

30 Shamanic Questions for Humanity
Dismantle Your Old Ego Identity And Recover Your Original Soul Purpose
Facilitated by Peggy Bridenbaker

Awaken the shaman within with The 30 Shamanic Questions, written by Linda Star Wolf. These ques­tions are called shamanic because they are designed to serve as a guide to the process of letting go of old ego attach­ments (a symbolic death) and moving into a rebirth expe­ri­ence. A Shaman is often called a Wounded Healer — one who has learned how to heal himself of the pain of life’s expe­ri­ences and shares the wisdom gained from those expe­ri­ences with others.

The 30 Shamanic Questions have spread like wild­fire around this coun­try and to several other coun­tries includ­ing Bermuda, Germany, England and Australia. They have found their way to those who are ready to heal and become more of who they really are. If The 30 Shamanic Questions have found their way into your hands and heart that it is not by acci­dent and may be an answer to a prayer.

This class is facilitated by Peggy Bridenbaker, who is bringing this class to Church of Spiritual Light through the People Shine Project.

Peggy is a:
Certified Advanced DNA ThetaHealing® Practioner
Certified ReikiMaster - Level III Practioner
Initiated Sai Maa Pure Light Diksha Blessing Giver
Addiction Alchemy® Recovery Medicine Wheel Guide
People Shine Project® Facilitator

Peggy is also in training to become a certified Shamanic Breathwork practitioner and an ordained Shamamic Minister, through Venus Rising Association.

You can purchase the book (but do not need it to begin)
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For more information you may contact Peggy at 239-470-1457 or visit her website at 

Every Thursday 7pm
Location: Church of Spiritual Light, 1939 Park Meadows Dr. #1, Ft. Myers, FL 33907
Cost: $5 (donated to space)