Friday, December 27, 2013

Goddess Shines: Madonna

December Goddess: The Madonna/Mother Mary
December 27th, Friday 6:30pm $10
Church of Spiritual Light 1939 Park Meadows Dr. #1, Fort Myers, FL 33907

Join us as we celebrate the holi-day season and the winter solstice with the honoring of The Madonna.

The process of purification is seldom easy, but this is the great work required in all mystery schools, which Mary had long since accomplished beyond that attained by the many. For she had come as all persons do, through many lifetimes of sorrow, hardship, work, play and experience, but had been able to arrive at a greater place within her true Self. That is, she had received God-Realization.

Mary, or Mare, is interpreted by the Spanish as "The Star of the Sea." Esoterically, the sea is the desire nature, and the star is the spirit which rises above the lower nature, even as Grecian mythology portrays Venus, the goddess of love, rising star- crowned from the sea, being symbolical of the separation of love from passion.

Many interpretations have been given the name Mary, so common to women in the gospels, never used before in the Scriptures unless it is a diminutive of the Hebrew Miryam, the sister of Moses. The meaning of Mary is sometimes given as "bitter," sometimes "exalted of the Lord," but the most simply correct is said to be "My Lady." Indeed, that sounds most like her -- Madonna, as one who was high-born and blessed.

The Firstborn of God should open the womb from within outward, having been conceived on the inner realm. It could not receive seed from the outside to be built upon and then emerge again having an earth foundation. The seed was received and developed inside to show that the Christ can only be born within us, and cannot enter from without to be born.

God took a rib from Adam's side to make woman, who became imperfect; then He brought forth from the perfected woman's womb a perfect man. Having first created man alone, at Creation's dawn, God now worked with woman alone, with Mary, (though He eventually gave to each a partner). From the substance of her body was fashioned the mold which would receive the Spirit of the Son.

Mother Mary - Madonna
No other woman in the world reveals the truth as deeply and dramatically as the Virgin Mary for the template of how to be in the world, but not of it. She is so profoundly inextricably tied to the raising of the Messiah that it is all but impossible to think of one without the other. This is by design.

Madonna says...
I am the embodiment of the purest essence of the divine mother that resides within each of you. Within your heart and soul there is a woman, a mother, a perfect mother who has never left you and can never leave you. You have only to call for her and to receive her blessings, her love and her nurturing.

Inside of each of you is the babe, the orphaned child, born apparently and physically fatherless. And in order for you to find your father, you must first allow your mother's embrace to comfort and protect you. She loves you so much. I, says the Madonna, am the eternal emblem for the almighty power of mother and child. My child, my fatherless child, raised the Messiah within and reached the crowning achievement of ascended consciousness and re-united with his heavenly father.

This is your template. This is your design. You and he are one and the same. He showed the way, now you must follow. You must not be afraid, for I am here. Please accept my loving embrace. Do not allow the hurt you have experienced at the hands of impure hearts, including your own, to affect your ability to connect with me. I am your salvation. I am the one who can lead you to the Messiah, to the one within who is your savior.

The savior is you. He sits in the middle of your body, in your solar plexis at the seat of your soul and he guides you endlessly with radiant light, raw instinct, ancient memories and divine purpose. The christ consciousness must be allowed to infiltrate your entire body. You must allow it to move from your head, down into your heart.This is what will bring you to the place of divinely guided action. This is what will bring you to your absolute genius and help you deliver your gift to the world.

I am your blessed mother. I purified and purified my being to bring the Savior into the physical. My vessel is not unclean, my energy is clear, my conscience is intact. I do not wallow in denial. My body is a powerful channel for divine love. My body is your body.

We are all one. All of us are within you, moving through you, moving you. We are the unseen forces at work bringing you to your ultimate purpose, your ultimate salvation.

Your mother loves you. You father is waiting for you to recognize him. He sits within you, brilliant and blazing. She cups Her hands and shields you from his fiery countenance, so that one day, when you are ready, you will be strong enough to turn you gaze on the brilliance of the unknowable, unfathomable magnificence of all that you are. The Trinity is within thee.

Shine my star, shine!

Madonna Affirmations

I am the mother and the mother is in me.
Women are kind. I am kind.
I see the divine mother and call to her to be with me.
I allow myself to experience the pleasure of beauty and truth.
I activate the Savior within.
I carry the imprint of the Messiah within my blood, bones and breath.
The mother and the father and I are one.
I am that I am.
All that I am, you are.
I am a healer of the earth.
I nurture and care for my body, mind and soul.
I allow my heart to open and expand into divine love.
I receive agape now.
I am filled with the love and light of our creator.
I am my brother's keeper.
I am the greatest realization of my Father.
I work for the greater good of all humanity.