Tuesday, December 17, 2013

Winter Solstice Holiday Ceremony

You are cordially invited to the Winter Solstice Holiday Ceremony on Saturday, December 21st at 6:30pm at Church of Spiritual Light.

This festivity brings a time to celebrate the season and really take in the heavenly energies that are closest to the earth. In honor of this we will be paying homage to the beauty of the inner masculine and feminine forces of light within each of us with a dance. To honor this union, Deb and David Martin will be dancing the Tango in our ceremony. Possibly one of the most romantic and beautiful dances of all time. The ceremony will also include some very enlightening information about your own astrological sign as it pertains to the energy of the season, as well as, rituals to help you gather your energy and focus for the coming year. Refreshment will be served.

The ceremony will be hosted by Rev. Renee Bledsoe, Rev. Miriam Lynne Pietrzyk and Melissa Leblanc.
Church of Spirituial Light, 1939 Park Meadows Dr. #1, Ft. Myers, FL 33907. The donation is $20.