Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Crystal Bowls with Daryl Salerno

Third Monday of the month 6:30pm
Crystal Bowl Meditation with Daryl Salerno
Presented by Church of Spiritual Light
Free will offering

The beauty of an evening hearing the crystal bowls is that for once your mind is quieted. Anyone who has had trouble with that in sitting meditation will surely appreciate how effortlessly the crystal bowls sweep you into another state. That challenging, busy chattering mind of ours that is the "keeper of the lists" is lulled to sleep. From this deep state of relaxation, your physical body can heal itself. Your mental body can take a break from the stresses of the world, and you can nourish your spiritual self.

Daryl play the crystal bowls intuitively. It has been a growing "knowing" over the past 3 years for her. 7 beautiful opaque pure crystal bowls are each tuned to a different note on the musical scale which resonates with a certain chakra (energy center) in the body. As an example, the root chakra at the base of the spine is the key of C and the color is red. She believes the her Root Bowl connects with Mother Earth and helps us to work on issues that are involving the material world. All her efforts playing this music are to honor Mother Earth where the crystals came from.

Daryl has a beautiful visual to hold if you have never heard the crystal bowls singing...

"This morning I was watching the concentric circles that appeared on the surface of my pool when the drops of water fell from the screens at the top of the lanai. One circle would radiate through the whole pool and sometimes ripple back upon itself. Then another would drop beside it with overlapping circles. This is a visual of how the crystal bowls sound when I play them. I am grateful to be able to share this wonderous experience with all of you."

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