Friday, January 22, 2010

White Dove Affirmations

I am purified by the Light.

I am a being of Light.

My angelic self merges with my physical body and I am whole.

I tap into the all seeing, all knowing wisdom of my Higher Self.

I channel divine grace for healing of self and others.

I am a radiant Light unto the world.

I am a Light worker and a healer.

My countenance is holy and sacred.

I am worthy of the highest forms of love.

I am a vessel for the Light.

I am sacred, divine love in the flesh.

I embrace right livelihood.

I bring the sacred into all my works no matter what that may be.

Every aspect of my life is sacred.

I am a ministering angel.

I am a guardian and spiritual warrior of Light.

My love for humanity and all creation transcends time and space.

I see beyond the veil and commune with Spirit.

My soul has been set free.

I perfect my claim on my ability to express myself with free will.

I am guided and moved by Spirit.

My connection to my Higher Power and the Eternal Will to Good is all encompassing.

My entire life is a prayer, a worship and a sacrament.

I am in bliss and gratitude of the beauty and splendor of this world.

I am that, I am.

Note: These are the affirmation of the Addiction Alchemy Medicine Wheel White Dove Clan. Read more about White Dove medicine.