Saturday, April 19, 2008

Heart Sutra

Gate gate (Gone, gone)

Pāragate (Gone beyond)

Pārasaṃgate (Gone completely beyond)

Bodhi svāhā (To full enlightenment)

One can interpret the mantra as the progressive steps along the five paths of the Bodhisattva, through the two preparatory stages (the path of accumulation and preparation — Gate, gate), through the first bhumi (path of insight — Pāragate), through the second to seventh bhumi (path of meditation — Pārasamgate), and through the eight to tenth bhumi (stage of no more learning — Bodhi svāhā).

Olivia Newton-John (along with Amy Sky) has recorded an amazing CD entitled, Grace & Gratitude. Included on this recording is a gorgeous version of the Heart Sutra, Gate, Gate, as well as the song below, Pearls On A Chain. Olivia's Grace & Gratitude CD takes you on a journey through your chakra system and the Tree of Life. This is a truly lovely, healing and deeply spiritual work of art that incorporates Tibetan chants, prayers from Judaism and Islam, and a poem from St. Francis of Assisi.