Sunday, April 20, 2008

What is Priesthood?

Someone recently posed a question through our website regarding the Melchizedek Priesthood and its influence on Church of Spiritual Light. I was very grateful that someone asked this question, because it gave me the opportunity to put something in writing that is very sacred to me and prior to might have been a little difficult to put into words. My motivation to share with anyone who might feel the call of priesthood, initiation and spiritual service helped me to hopefully bring some clarity to something that goes beyond words.

The Melchizedek priesthood empowers and invests humans who feel the call to serve God by serving humanity as a spiritual guide. It cuts a straight path through the hierarchies of man. It imbues us with the will, the strength, the fortitude and of course the blessing needed to carry a torch to light the way for ourselves and all mankind to establish a greater connection to the Light of God, to each other and All that is. It opens a portal of protection and all forces for good that are available throughout the entire cosmos to us and to those we serve.

The short answer is that it infuses our body, mind, heart and soul with Holy Spirit. Some people may call this life force, chi or prana. However, as an energy healer I feel that the energy received in priesthood ordination is not the same as raw life force energy. I feel that raw life force energy is a part of Holy Spirit and perhaps even the vehicle. Not that it really matters what it is. Because when you receive it, there is not a shadow of doubt that something very profound has transpired. It is a widely held belief that the confirmation of Holy Spirit is an infusion of the Divine Feminine. I would agree with this.

The priesthood is not simply an organization of men, just as the Brotherhood and Sisterhood of Light is not an earthly organization. There is no central office or organization that runs this priesthood. That is not to say that there aren't universities, seminaries and schools that train and initiate adepts and clergy, but no single entity holds a copyright or licensing rights for this priesthood. You don't call and apply, you don't have to go to a workshop and there are no dues (financial, anyway). That is not to say that you won't have a burning desire to learn and connect more. In fact, it weaves its way into your life and finds you at the behest of your soul's calling and leads you where it may. It is the oldest unbroken priesthood on the planet, dating actually before Christ, who by the way is a High Priest in this order. Many differing religions utilize the Melchizedek Priesthood.

Is it the only priesthood? No, there are others and there are other cultural, religious and traditional ways to the same empowerment for the cleric calling. This is one of the ways that was placed before us on our path that we resonated with. Yet, I feel that no matter what names you give it, we are all tapping into the same divine forces.

The priesthood establishes a lineage as it is passed down from human to human. This is done by the free will choice of the recipient. Although when you hear the call of priesthood, it doesn't feel like there is much of a choice. In fact it is an acknowledgement of what already is. Much like in a marriage the exchange of wedding vows is a declaration of what already is, yet somehow synergistically places the union on another track and the two become three The priesthood, like a marriage changes everything and nothing and creates that same type of synergy and union within yourself and all the names of God.

Priesthood ordination and other initiations support the reunification with the angelic self or higher self and empowers us to assist others with this process. Accepting the priesthood means that we intend and vow to be 100% in service to mankind in the Light as a spiritual mentor, guide and healer. There are other initiations that bring in this same energy for those who serve in other capacities...not higher, not lower, just different. Initiation as an Adept into the Brotherhood and Sisterhood of Light is one such initiation. One day I personally hope to see financial healers, instead of financial planners...a hospital that has energy healers in the emergency room....a school teacher that knows her worth.

In a nutshell, an initiation is something that the individual invokes. It's something you earn, but only in the eyes of your SELF. It's sort of like a cosmic raising of your hand to be flagged that you want and are ready for more light and empowerment. Some people feel
disempowered and turned off at the thought of initiation and feel a negative attachment about this process as if the initiators have a sort of hierarchy over them. However, this is exactly the opposite of what our "small" mind thinks. The persons who initiate others are in service to humanity and to the Light. In the Hierarchy of Light, the "higher" you are, the more of a humble servant you are!

When you accept a priesthood or initiation, does it mean that you cease to be human? No. Does it mean you are perfect? No. Does it mean you don't make mistakes? No. But you no longer see mistakes as imperfect and the definition of the word changes. Your ability to transmute darkness is increased a thousand fold. The word "sin" in ancient Greece was an archery term for "missing the mark". Of course, one could view the "sins" in archery practice as evidence of lack of skill or one could view them as crucial to mastery. Ones who view it as lack or failure will not feel worthy of initiation and so will hold themselves apart, those who tenaciously seek mastery will. It is totally driven by the self and is a marker for the level of free will that we will allow ourselves.

Most often by the time we hear the call of priesthood we have already made a great many mistakes and processed much and hopefully purified and clarified our heart and soul connection to the degree that our life lessons have entered a new realm of subtleties as we continue to integrate shadow and light. Hopefully enough light has been taken in that any remaining darkness can always be turned to the light with a sort of ease and grace. And in this very thing, is the greatest opportunity to hold the energy high and be of true service as we bring our perceived frailties into the light and model the power of transformation. For what we heal in ourselves, we heal in the world. In this endeavor we become a mixture of both human and divine beings of light.

As far as how the priesthood influences Church of Spiritual Light, I would hope that my answers above have made the benefits self-evident, as everything that I have said rains down upon all who commune together and fall under this umbrella. Ultimately one day we will be able to facilitate the handing down of this ordination and many other initiations for our people. And so this church will ultimately empower others to serve in the light in the ways of their choosing and through their own creative expressions that brings joy, love and fulfillment to all.