Friday, April 11, 2008

If I Ever Lose My Faith...

I am sitting here listening to Sting. He is singing to my soul and I am hearing the words that click in to my deepest heart of hearts and perhaps truly understand them for the first time..."I don't know what I'd do if I ever lose my faith in you...there'd be nothing left for me to do."

This song was released in 1993. When I heard this song then, I was different. I was a different person, the world was a different place and the message of this song floated right over my head. I bet you thought it was about your lover or your partner, too. I bet you thought this was a love song about having faith in another person. But the imagery of the video lays bare the deeper message of lyrics veiled by rock star glitter and our addiction to love. And it is obviously after I've changed the way that I love that I could finally hear this message.

Oh yes, this is a love song alright. But it's not about his lover. These are the words of a man whose connection to divinity has come straight through the core of his soul - through, because of and in spite of his earthly experience. He hashed it out, he waded through the muck, he made it to the Light and he came back, through his art to deliver this high and fine message to humanity.

And we see this beauty in all the intricate, amazing, breathtaking ways that the Light can peer through the cracks and make its presence known, like in this song. And its truth is so utterly radiant, lifting and holy that it takes the deepest denial and darkness to block it. And the energy it takes to supress this knowing, this feeling is immense.

So there is only one answer to relieve the pressure: Let go. Just let go. Be who you are. Let us have your genius, that exquisite thing that only you can bring. It might be bold and right between the eyes or it might be a subtle steady whisper of a life lived with love and authentic feeling. It might just look like a song by a rock star, or a child's book, or a ranting blog, or a family of children that know what true love is, but however it may express, may it be of the Light...the Truth...of your heart and soul.

We are holy, holy people. This connection we have cannot be labeled. We do know that when it is embraced all manner of the greater will to good comes flooding in. There is never ending support and the darkness becomes a tool, pain is thanked for its message and for its chipping away at what does not serve. And we continue to move forward. Our faith is not blind, and there is no longer any chance of losing it, because where we were once blind we now can see and our transformations are transcending. We can't stop seeing Waldo everywhere.

As Sting says, "there would be nothing left to do"...because it comes from inside and to lose our faith would be like losing our soul."

Sting - If I Ever Lose My Faith -