Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Message from a Modern Prophet

(Note: My dear friend, Ted Murray, has been writing these channelings every morning since before we first met in 2005. This one was so good I decided to re-post it here.)

Dear Friend,

You must first develop wisdom before you can hope to manifest something wonderful in the world. Your power to manifest is regulated by spirit in order to protect you from making mistakes that will be costly in your life and that of others. You learn from mistakes and that is part of the growth process; however, the scale of your mistakes is kept low until you have the wisdom to ensure that your focus on massive projects will be properly directed. Therefore, don’t be in a huge hurry to see your dreams manifested immediately. Instead continue to increase your own level of discernment and your connection with the wisdom of the universe.

Once you have sufficient wisdom to ensure that your goals are for the genuine benefit of others and not merely selfish goals then you will experience huge breakthroughs. There is no limit to what you can manifest when you tap into the unlimited power of spirit. The only limitation is your own ability to use this power wisely in a way that will serve the highest good of humanity.

Love & Light,