Tuesday, October 12, 2010

The Missing Link of Addiction Recovery

I don't understand how anyone can think that it is far-fetched to acknowledge the pull that plants and the earth have on us, yet ingest these self-same plants in an unconscious way, desecrating their own bodies in the process and discounting the power of these plants and the intrinsic need of the human spirit to connect to the earth in consciousness.   What is far-fetched and will keep us engaged in the addictive process is our denial of what the body/spirit/soul truly wants. Like a rat in a labyrinth, we must find our way to the center and find out who and what we really are.

I believe that when we disconnect from the land and from the essence of the creator, as many of us have done during this leg of our human spiritual evolutionary journey, we will continue to unconsciously seek out ways to do so. We can say that we turn to drugs and alcohol because of our woundedness, inhibitions, anxiety, stress and peer pressure, and while that is true on one level of reality, it is not the whole picture. If you keep looking and go beyond even sobriety, the end/beginning of this human story takes us back/advances us to our longing to connect to our mother, the earth and our father, the Sun. We have connected to them in our heads long enough. If prayer and meditation is not taking you to the land, if it is not helping you to connect more fully to the human experience, keep at it. Our creator is not some unknowable force. Now it is time to develop the eyes to experience in the physical what is here and has always been here.

Alcoholic beverages are made from the earth, herbs, barley, hops, juniper, fruits, etc. and filled with the "spirits" of the earth. Tobacco the same. When these sacred substances are utilized in this way, we deny our true connection to them (and the earth) and we over do it. Of course we over do it, because we're not getting what we really want. We can never get enough, because we do not recognize the gifts of our deep, deep connection. We have scales over our eyes. We are carrying around oxygen tanks in a world filled with air and withered with thirst in oceans of water. 

People can become sober. The 12 Steps has shown us that. But can they become fully human, limitless beings of light who are deeply tapped into the earth, the cosmos and their own soul? We must keep going...there is more...much more....Sobriety is the beginning, it is not the end. For there is no end to the journey. The snake eats its tale. And right now we are in the period of our evolution that is about to come to a measure of wholeness, as a whole, that we have heretofore not seen.

by. Rev. Renee Bledsoe
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