Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Every Woman is a Goddess

" It's True That Every Woman Is A Goddess...It's Just So Sad Few Truly Realize This." David Essel

I have yet to meet a woman in my lifetime who is not an amazing Goddess at heart....inside...yet the above quote says it all....very few women know this and act as if they are.

I wrote a blog on this subject at and was amazed when I finished it how many women said YES WE ARE!!!!.....yet when I asked them aloud how many of their female friends knew this and lived this way, the response was minuscule in nature.

Women are powerful ,intuitive, compassionate, sensitive, strong , fearless, tender, nurturing..all by nature, it just comes from who they are inside, yet they often live quite differently.

They're fierce when provoked, and soothing when they need to be....they are true beauty in every sense of the word.

When they realize they are a Goddess, they cease the trivial traits associated with many women gossip, being evasive in their thoughts and desires....they instead become these amazing beings who you can't wait to be around.

I am blessed to be surrounded by women who are Goddesses and have no fear being just that.

Women who can look deeply into your eyes....who love their femininity, are proud to have their nails done if this makes THEMSELVES feel special.

One such woman the other day, a former client of mine, came up to me and proudly stated that she's finally loving her body, which had been a source of contention her whole life. Just the way she walked towards me , her posture, her strut, let me know something major had shifted.

She's finally become the Goddess she always had been , only now the whole world can see it.

Slow Down and appreciate the Goddess within if you're a women. If you're a man, it's time we awaken to the God inspired beauty of every women who's on this planet at this very moment, and let them know the inspiration they truly are.

Love, Peace, David