Saturday, August 23, 2008

Interview With God


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Monday, August 11, 2008

Fear of Intimacy

On Saturday night I knew, I felt, I heard your call. I heard you cry, your fatique at the separation. Though you know it is self-imposed...makes it no less painful and certainly no less real. Yet, the very next thing I heard was this:

Say this prayer. Say this prayer to face and relieve this wretched illusion that we are not already connected, that every soul doesn't already know everything. Say the prayer. And it shall be so.
For this group of souls may have come from an intense fear of intimacy due to unimaginable heartbreak...yet we are ready to break this illusion.

Have no doubt this prayer from this gorgeous person, Marianne Williamson who wrote Illuminata (a book of deeply personal prayers), will bring a massive opening of the heart.

Hold on. You are expanding. It may hurt a little, but only because of resistance and fear. But very quickly, if we hang tight that will dissipate. And there will be only love.

Remember, only love is real. We made a deal and we have found our way to each other...because we are remembering who we are, so that we can evolve into our best self. This love is what we are seeking and we feel it's tease all the time, for it isn't ever gone...we are. But we are getting strong enough to remain present to it with each passing moment.

May you be blessed.
May you be strengthened to know that you are divine, sacred, love incarnate waiting to consciously experience God/Goddess in the flesh in all relations.
I am that I am.

And so it is and so it shall be.
As always, I will to will thy will.