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APRIL 2023: Living Alive

"We were sent into the world alive with beauty. As soon as we choose Beauty, unseen forces conspire to guide and encourage us towards unexpected forms of compassion, healing and creativity."  - John O'Donohue 

Sunday Talks with Rev. Renee Bledsoe
April 02 - Living Alive
April 09 - Easter Sunday - It is CoSL 15 Year Anniversary!
April 16 - Simple Abundance
April 23 - Creative Life
April 30 -  Ascending Down 

Our life must become our creative art if we are to live it alive. The way we move through our days, how we spend our time and whom we spend it with all come to be the fabric of our life. Looking at our entire life as a work of art, we begin to understand that we are the co-creators of our experience here in time and space, and we are responsible for creating our own masterpiece. It is our choice if we just let life happen to us, or if we decide to allow the artist soul to emerge by making a conscious choice to open up to the full magnitude of our abilities to create. 

May you experience each day as a sacred gift woven around the heart of wonder. - John O'Donohue 

As our lives become more creative and artistic, we are simultaneously getting more and more in touch with our soul, our true essence. The soul is actually the driving force that requires us to get grounded in life and to dream up new expressions of our being and to produce something visceral and heartfelt. While getting in touch with our spirit elevates our soul, purifies our desires, opens our hearts and gives us the higher vision to create amazing grace in our lives and or to see what we already do with new eyes. The spirit and the soul could be likened to canvas and paint, respectively. 

If we were to surround ourselves in simple beauty, calm environments, treks into nature, and immersed ourselves in the mystery of our own soul and opened to being surprised we would find that we start to become something unrecognizable. No longer requiring mountains of overstimulation, violence and aggressiveness, we would finally be able to apprehend the exquisite beauty that resides in every moment of life... and in the silences of our own soul. 

It is uncanny how social reality can deaden and numb us so that the mystical wonder of our lives goes totally unnoticed. We are here. We are wildly and dangerously free. The more lonely side of being here is our separation in the world. - John O'Donohue 

As those of us who have brought our lives forward from the inside out do so, we find that we are every increasingly sensitive to our environment, to each other and to society. And while this can be somewhat painful as we feel as though we are moving in slow motion as compared to the fast pace of society, it is also our calling to help the world "slow down" and re-enter the garden so that we can enjoy our lives... truly to fill our lives with JOY! This is the remembrance of the artist soul within each of us. 

To the artist soul, every thing, every moment, every place and everyone has an inherent beauty even when ugliness is present. What we find as the artist emerges is that ugliness is not the enemy, so much as the need for speed. This quicksilver attitude, addictive, linear patterning, which has caused us to be magnificent learners and retainers of knowledge, if not allowed to take its rightful place, can stop the artist soul from ever truly emerging. And this will create a void that we will incessantly try to fill. 

When you begin to sense that your imagination is the place where you are most divine, you feel called to clean out of your mind all the worn and shabby furniture of thought. You wish to refurbish yourself with living thought so that you can begin to see.  John O'Donohue 

The artist soul helps us to let go and let the God within come forth and create a life worthy of Kings and Queens, with conscious delight at our own true nature. Trying to stuff ourselves into a safe little box loses all appeal and we no longer try to fill our hearts desires with fascimilies of what we really desire. This powerful being within has no such need for tight control and rigid rules.This powerful being knows when to color inside the lines and when to color outside the lines. This One has come to the altar of the soul of the world and has claimed the ability to choose... not from a place of conditioned programming... but from the ceaseless and limitless abundant supply of the Universal Creative Force within and the realization that there is way more to this artist than meets the eye. 

The greatest friend of the soul is the unknown. Yet we are afraid of the unknown because it lies outside our vision and our control. We avoid it or quell it by filtering it through our protective barriers of domestication and control. The normal way never leads home.  -John O'Donohue 

In this school of life, we are simply learning the lessons of our own artistry and that we have the power to manifest our hearts desires, and also to change our creations as we so desire. It is here as we merge art and soul that we become the artist standing at the gates of everything. And all becomes possible... and we are no longer afraid to make a choice, because we trust that we are always operating from the artist soul and that everything we choose brings us closer to home. This is the gift of the story of our lives and our birthright to create lives of unimaginable joy, light and love. What kind of life will you create?

LIVING ALIVE Affirmations
I am alive, awake and aware.
I am a conscious co-creator of my life.
I am a master manifestor.
As I fully realize my powers to manifest and create, I take 100% responsibility for my life experience.
I am in love with life and life loves me. 
The universe is conspiring on my behalf.
I embrace the mystery of my own soul.
I am delighted by the unknown joys that await discovery.
The beauty of this life is filled with surprises and mystery.
I allow the mystery of my soul to unfold in my life.
I allow my soul to tell it's story.
I listen to the whispering of the wisdom of my spirit.
I hear the instruction of my soul.
I allow my body, mind, heart, soul and spirit to create my life as One.
I read the signs and heed the messages in the synchronicities of my life. 

I feed my soul by_________________________. 

I nuture my soul by________________________. 

I listen to my spirit by_______________________

I sit in nature and absorb the perfection of the beauty of the earth.
I take inspiration from nature in my own creations.
I learn from masters.
My ability to create consciously and with divine inspirition is ever expanding.
I am open to the unknown and embrace the mystery of my own being.
I enjoy and delight in the creations of my fellow artists.
I collaborate to create even higher levels of art.
I see my life as a masterpiece that is mine to create.
I am an artist soul.
I live my life alive.

Thursday, March 2, 2023

The 7 Sound and Light Codes of Christ Yeshua

"All is One and all is contained in I Am".

The 7 Great Mantras of ‘’I AM’’ shared by Christ Yeshua were encoded into the Gospel of John as secret teachings to guide people into the I AM soul: the gateway into the One Soul in all. These teachings were light technologies connecting the body, specific chakra pathways and the I AM through somatic breath and sacred sound.

The I AM connects yourself to your I AM soul, and beyond into the God Self. The I AM is your own inner guru, guide and purpose finder, showing you the right direction for your life, giving you life-force energy to evolve.

I AM is living in the Present, the Presence of your true Self. I AM is the bridge to the One Self in all beings, and opens the doors to higher realities and all dimensions. I AM is the gatekeeper to all chakras, the connector between all parts of you, and it flows through the central pillar of the spine to branch out in every chakra.

I AM gathers together all your different inner voices, all the different parts of you, and leads all of them into fulfillment at the right time and place. It is the One central pillar and guide of all parts of you. I AM is the key to opening all parts of yourself as it Illuminates all parts of you. Immersing in the I AM helps you be fully yourself!

In this 3-day Transmission workshop, you will immerse into the experience and embodiment of these 7 I AM Codes. Using these sacred sound-light Codes of Aramaic and the words Yeshua used, with somatic breath in specific spiraling chakra flows and pathways, we will engineer ourselves into the Christ Grid that Christ and all enlightened beings inhabit, using the Codes Christ gave to us.

The I AM leads to the peace, light, Presence, love and accelerated spiritual development of the soul. You will be initiated into these Practices in these 3 days, and then be empowered and able to continue and deepen into them at home until you have embodied them.

Places limited to 22 people only.

When: 19-21 May 2023
Where: Blue Star Monastery, Fort Myers, Florida USA
Price: $444: 
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Wednesday, March 1, 2023

MARCH 2023: Sacred Art of Creative Living

“I never made one of my discoveries through the process of rational thinking” ― Albert Einstein

If knowing thyself is the key to life, one of the most important bits of knowledge may very well be to know what inspires us to create. What moves our souls? Sparks our creativity? Gets the ideas flowing and the heart glowing? Even if we don't exactly know, the next most important question would be... is there a willingness to explore?

“Around here, however, we don't look backwards for very long. We keep moving forward, opening up new doors and doing new things, because we're curious...and curiosity keeps leading us down new paths.” ― Walt Disney

All too often when on the spiritual path, especially as mystics who thrive on our connection to the mind of God, we sometimes don't focus on the heart of God. We forget about the Goddess. The Spirit, the lightning bolt of inspiration might fuel our visions, fill our senses and portend the ineffable, but in order to truly capture the essence of God in the physical senses we must have a sacred container to be able to connect where it counts... right here on earth! For the mystic there is truly only one logical conclusion to this conversation, as we go deeper and deeper into the divinity, we find that some form of art gives us the outlet that we need to express the inexpressable quality of the divine in the physical.

“Creativity takes courage.” ― Henri Matisse 

The role of myth and archetype, as well as angels and masters can become a tremendous influence for our creativity. These are fantastic jumping off points into the mystery void of creation, as they contain universal themes and also hold clues about ancient memories. Go with what tickles your fancy. Don't be afraid to allow whimsy and nonsense to tease out some serious art! The wonderful thing about art, contrary to popular opinion, is that you really can't do it wrong. For it is personal expression, and art does not live in time and space. Art is the language of the soul.

“The painter has the Universe in his mind and hands.” ― Leonardo da Vinci

We are all artists. We may not have fully discovered our art, but that doesn't mean that it isn't in there. And if we have discovered something of it, that does not mean that it won't change or evolve. The artists touch is something to apply to every single aspect of life. Art is not only beautiful, touching and inspiring, it is also deeply healing. In many ways artists are healers, especially if they can get in touch with their own soul through their art. There is nothing like that moment when we see a work of art and feel the recognition of a kindred spirit resonating with us. This is true joy as our own soul is reflected back to us in a way that articulates somestimes something lost in ourselves. We are so grateful when our deepest, innermost soulful notions can find expression. there is a soul satisfaction in this, an understanding of the kindred spirits, that might well be an art form unto itself. The art of Kin.

“There are painters who transform the sun to a yellow spot, but there are others who with the help of their art and their intelligence, transform a yellow spot into the sun.” ― Pablo Picasso

One of our biggest blocks to creativity is what we think about how we feel. All too often I have seen serene, happy people become critical, anxious, and self-effacing during the creative process. Some of that is an over-active inner critic, or triggers from childhood, but much of it is discomfort with long suppressed sexual energy, as the creative process is re-engaged and re-routed into the form of creating art. For sexual energy and creativity go hand in hand, and often the baby has been thrown out with the bathwater. As we have repressed and misunderstood sexuality, as we have been immersed in the world of control, we have metered and rationed the very energy that we need to create with.

“The chief enemy of creativity is good sense.” ― Pablo Picasso

Working with our artistry is crucial to ultimate healing, and our soul's emergence and evolution. No matter what we are creating, the very act of relaying that creative energy into a new channel sends a powerful message to the psyche. Even the smallest project could have big energy opening impact on other aspects of our life. Allowing the soul this expression pleases the Goddess within, and the muse will smile upon us, as one flash of inspiration gives way to a whole series of lightbulb ideas, and then another, and another, as we continue to give ourselves creative license.

“If you're not prepared to be wrong, you'll never come up with anything original.” ― Ken Robinson, The Element: How Finding Your Passion Changes Everything

As we develop the courage, the strength and the confidence to tap into our imagination and activate our imaginal cells, that part of us that looks like a question mark, we influence the power of our soul to come forth. They mystic within, the part of us that braves the mystery of our own selves is never happier when the fear of going into the void of creation is richly rewarded with synchronicity, divine conversation and inspirational wisdom. It is through this way of being that we can turn our entire lives into a masterpiece, especially if we allow ourselves to keep finding new avenues or going deeper with the artistry of our self-expression.

“To be creative means to be in love with life. You can be creative only if you love life enough that you want to enhance its beauty, you want to bring a little more music to it, a little more poetry to it, a little more dance to it.” ― Osho

It is through this trust in ourselves as creator gods in the making that we truly can come to know God, and actually find expression for divine love. As we allow the mind and the heart of the higher powers of the universe inspire and guide us, our creativity takes on new meaning even to ourselves, offering brilliant, out of the box solutions to long standing issues and concerns not only in our lives, but in the world, as we tap into the prodigy within. He or She is in there. We have only to keep exploring and allowing that one to emerge into the light of our soul, and fearlessly enter the unknown. As they say, keep on until you surprise yourself.

“There is a vitality, a life force, an energy, a quickening that is translated through you into action, and because there is only one of you in all time, this expression is unique. And if you block it, it will never exist through any other medium and will be lost.” ― Martha Graham

Sunday Talks with Rev. Renee Bledsoe
March 05 - Sacred Art of Creative Living
March 12 - Unlocking the Soul
March 19 - Sacred Altar Church in Circle - Deep Magic of Life
March 26 - Soulcoming


As I go into the depths of my soul, I am inspired and restored.
My true creative powers come from the realizations of my God Self.
My soul is a Great Mystery to me.
I am comfortable with mystery and excited to learn more about who I am.
I am curious about the world and enjoy experiencing this creation.
I am willing to step out of the box with my creative endeavors.
My life become a masterpiece of my divinity.
I see beauty in everything.
As I look through God's eyes, I witness miracles of creation every moment.
I allow myself to be inspired by others and their art.
I inspire others with my art.
I bring the sacred into the artistry of my life.
I create with my hands something beautiful.
My hands are the extension of my heart.
I address the critic within by making art anyway.
I identify where the critic is coming from and send lovingkindness.
I listen to suggestions to improve and further develop my art.
I collaborate to create art.
I look for inspiration in unexpected places.
I stock my life with chances to be inspired by other creative people.
I soak in the beauty of life.
I am moved through my emotions to creative expression.
I allow my emotions to heal through my creativity.
Art infuses my life with creative solutions on every front.
Every day is an opportunity to create something beautiful.
I enjoy sharing my art with the world.
Art can heal my life by putting me in touch with my soul.
Art reveals the mystery of my soul.
My art and the art of othes helps me connect and communicate with my own great mystery.
I am a creator God in the making.
In truth I am creating all the time.
I am willing to look at what it truly is that I am creating.
Do I create joy and beauty, or do I create suffering?
The more I understand my powers of creation, the more I am inspired to be creative.
I am willing to become responsible for what I create.
I am a creative expression for the divine Will to Good.
My life is my sacred art.