Wednesday, March 2, 2016

MARCH 2016: Of Magic & Miracles

MARCH 2016: Of Magic & Miracles
“One need not worry or fret about any secret magic to begin to unlock her inner soul. It will respond to the one who seeks it.” ― Rumi

Sunday Talks with Rev. Renee Bledsoe
March 06 - Bringing Back the Magic
March 13 - How to Make Miracles
March 20 - Church in Circle - Spring Equinox Blessing
March 27 - Easter Sunday Celebration with Rev. Jacqueline Weiks

I open to the language of my soul.
I am filled with the Light of the creator.
I resource myself with breath and light.
I take care of my body as an extension of my soul.
I use the mirror of my relationships to discover and heal my soul.
I clear and heal myself so that I can stand before others and mirror wholeness.
My wholeness is my perfection.
When I totally accept myself in the moment, I am whole.
Wholeness leads to wellness.
I heal myself and this world through my perfect love.
Love is patient.
I am devoted to the Light.
I am devoted to my soul.
I express my soul's desires.
What I seek is seeking me.
I am a mirror for the Light.
I become transparent to negativity and suffering.
I see the world through the eyes of compassion.
I am a witness to my own wholeness.
All is perfect in this moment.
I am guided moment by moment along the path of liberation.
I am free to choose love.
I raise my vibration with music and positive affirmations.
I live in the magic.
I am a miracle of life.

Shamanic Journey Night

Join us for our monthly Shamanic Journey Night. On the First Friday of each month we will be providing the sacred space for Journey Work, further exploration and journeying, through active imagination and meditation, as well as signs and symbology, and the cosmology or map of the Spirit World.

We use the usual drumming techniques in sacred space to assist anyone to travel on the inner planes. You may journey to solve problems, discover information about healing, receive messages from loved ones (even living), connect more with your own soul and spirit, communicate spiritually with anyone, and for creative inspiration. At the end of the journey we will share our experiences and help you decode the signs and symbols you may have received.

Cost: $15
Every 1st Friday of the month
JourneyMaster: Rev. Renee Bledsoe

The shamanic journey occurs by shifting awareness or consciousness in order to allow part of your soul to travel independent of the body. As you can imagine, for the soul to take flight under the right circumstances (while you are alive) can be a powerful time of freedom for the soul, and is honoring of this greater aspect of your Self that longs to be free to express! You could say that the realization of your ability to journey is what sleep and even death is awakening us to. How powerful to dream while you're awake!