Wednesday, January 26, 2022

FEBRUARY 2022: Conscious Contact

“To be reverent is not just to be quiet. It involves an awareness of what is taking place. It involves a divine desire to learn and to be receptive to the promptings of the Spirit. It involves a striving to seek added light and knowledge." - Lionel Kendrick

Becoming conscious of a Higher Power and actually establishing contact is a long held admonition of the phenomenon we know of as the 12 Steps. It seemed to do something through the doorway of a wound that eluded many who tried to do so through organized religion. It literally allowed us to seek to make contact with the divine right while we were in the throes of our worst behavior. For many, that state is where they came to see the power of unconditional love and self-acceptance. After all what better and more brave way to invoke agape and consciously know it than when in the presence of fear, disdain, loathing and judgement. It draws us ever nearer to the hour we first believed.

In this world of opposites and dualities, this kind of contact, the conscious kind, starts to move us, however, beyond belief... and into knowing... gnosis. Every mystical experience we place ourselves in a position to have puts us on the proving ground and gives us an ever burgeoning proof of the possibility of a greater life, and the fact that a higher power can lead us there. Before that proof we only hope or despair. But after, we begin to know, to be aware, conscious. We grow up and begin to have a mature relationship with Spirit. 

Having made conscious contact, synchronicity becomes the way in which we approach life. But we can barely phathom it sometimes. And then it happens. It gets so close to us it starts to come through us. And now another truth is revealed. This higher power is both without and within. And furthermore because of what we now understand about the nature of this higher power we know that this is true for the least of us. We now know that every single human being from the smallest babe to the oldest elder, to the worst criminal to the holiest saint, to the sickest or the most fit, to the infirm or most exalted.. Higher Power is there.

But what is this Higher Power? Is it the hidden machine of the universe? Is it love? Is it light? Is it some kind of gravity? Is it a force? And does it have substance? These are the tiny little questions that subconsciously beg for answers. Even if you are not aware of it. Some experiences are so miraculous and mysterious that the question will arise even without being asked. This is the path of exploration and discovery that actually is the way to know the unknowable and more deeply and consciously engage in a higher order of living.

Some people call this the way of the new earth or 5th dimensionally living. It is to be soul conscious or Self conscious and this drives us to setup our lifestyle to be intuition friendly. This state is hallmarked by not only the acceptance of higher power, but of a greater intelligence than is available to us all the time, not just in flashes of inspiration or synchronistic encounters, if only we will clean off our desktop. For it needs an empty, still mind to drop down its pearls of wisdom and whispers of higher love. This is nothing short of a mind meld with Creator that cN become seemless.

Now, here is the rub, however.  Even as we make-up one very large collective oversoul, as individuals we are each tremendously important to the integrity of the whole. This is not a difficult concept to grasp as it is modelled to us everyday in every way. Yet, our individuation in full integrity requires that we become very aware of who and what we are to the whole. The Greeks said it best, "Know Thyself". And then they said another thing, "Physician heal thyself." These two precepts are inextricably linked. Every single human being is a healer and a creator. And yes, these seeds are largely latent and dormant until we serve each other.

As we continue to understand that our lives are becoming soul driven we see that we are the ones we've been waiting for. The things we value and love and cherish have spiritual backing. Any fight we take on for love must be win-win. The energy behind our motives must be for the greatest good. But we also have to come to terms with the trust of our individual souls. For what is truly good for one from a soul perspective, which understands our collective soul, is good for us all. And we have to trust that what is good for the majority, even if it is a slim margin will be good for the all. It is this love-wisdom that can help us sit through our lessons together. This is how we connect our head to our heart and vice versa and as we trust and act in accordance with the higher intelligence and its gift waves we come to accept drop by drop the divinity of humanity.

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Conscious Contact Affirmations

I am open to establishing conscious contact with a Higher Power.
As I establish conscious contact, I can hear the still small voice within.
In order to establish conscious contact I must value my soul.
My soul communicates with me through my body, my desires, and my heart.
My soul often speaks to me in the form of charades and dramatic display.
The more still that I become, the more I can hear and understand my soul.
I listen in silence for the messages of my soul.
When I journal and I write, I am communicating with my soul.
As my writings take shape I am able to communicate soul to soul with others.
As my soul connection is restored I become the  soul artist, and my  art takes new form and focus.
My life becomes a study in the art of sacred living.
As my soul comes alive I see the richness of this world.
Through prayer and meditation I enter the silence of my soul.
Through walking, yoga, and energy work I connect with my Spirit.
Reiki and Diksha allow me to help myself and others open to Spirit.
The stronger my soul connection, the more I set my Spirit free.
As I set my Spirit Free, I understand where I have been and why.
I understand that it is my joy here and now to reveal my soul.
My soul is the result of Spirit made Real in my Body, Mind and Heart.
As my soul comes alive, I feel the interconnectivity of the web of souls.
As our souls link up, the unification of the God consciousness is realized.
As I understand this connection, I see the beauty and purpose of each soul.nnection must be motivated by a sharing 
Synchronicity is the interconnected web interplaying with me.
As I continue to go deeper into this awareness, I awaken the evolution of humanity within myself
As I awaken to God consciousness,  others around me are awakened.
I was dreaming asleep, now I am dreaming awake.
My sleeping dreams teach me about the capacity and reality of my inner vision.
The more I dream while I am awake and conscious, the more I can dream heaven on earth.
Awakened dreaming brings Fifth dimensional living online for this planet.
I am of goodwill.
I trust myself to vision the new earth.
As I make conscious contact with the whispers of my soul, I walk softly and surely.
As I continue to dream myself awake, What Dreams May Come?
I choose well, but allow the Great Mystery of my dreams to take me outside of what I know.
I am awake, aware, and alive in my Soul.