Wednesday, October 3, 2018

OCTOBER 2018: Building the Temple

There is but one temple in the universe, and that is the body of man. ~ Novalis

The notion that the human body is a temple is certainly not a new idea. But what does this truly mean? At first blush it appears to be a religious statement, as many become exposed to this teaching through Bible scripture or through eastern traditions such as, Yoga. To some it seems to be a reminder to eat better, exercise and take better care of the physical needs of the body. But, this great truth is not simply referring to the flesh of the body, nor only the spirit. Truly it is calling us to acknowledge our whole being. For wholeness is holiness. We might say that the recognition of wholeness is the blueprint for the building of the temple.

The quest for wholeness brings the impetus and the urge for us to get to know all the aspects of the Self, which include body, mind, heart, soul and spirit, as well as community and environment. More and more people are coming to understand that what we can interpret with our physical senses and our conscious intelligence is not the only intelligence and energies at work in the universe. But as we fast lose our death grip on this 3D reality, we need to continue to develop our intuitive abilities and our spiritual senses to better interpret the energies around and within us. This is one of the reasons why it is so important to get very clear emotionally, so that we can interpret our experiences with purity and not through the darkened lens of a fear of  the unseen, unknown or unusual.

If we do not allow ourselves to learn how to read energy in a non-judgmental way we will find ourselves lost in a world of fear, superstition and misinformation. We do not want to burn the witch within. For certainly within each of us there is a master magician and physician, who will benefit greatly by understanding how to better work with and manage energy.

Not additionally, but perhaps more importantly it is important to develop our intuition so that we can connect with our soul and our body. Psychism isn't just for foretelling the future... the depth of second listening and second sight can reveal spiritual messages and clues, and subtle cues from the body that can make all the difference in healing, creativity and empowerment.

During the month of October we will be increasing our understanding of energy. We will be raising and resetting our vibration, discovering areas that need vibrational re-attunements, learning about how to read and shift the energies surrounding people, places and things, including ourselves and opening to new levels of manifestation. Everything is energy and as such, we invoke the power of change right from within.

Know ye not that ye are the temple of God, and that the Spirit of God dwelleth in you? Corinthians 3:16

The full understanding of the body as a temple is to realize that the true temple is the body of humanity as a whole. It is in this way that we are all temple builders. As we see our own individual bodies as a temple, we begin to vibrate accordingly and are moved into proximity of other people, places and things that are ready to be a part of the Holy Temple of Humanity. It is true that this process starts with each of us individually, and is carried forward by our understanding that we are all a sovereign part of something greater than any one of us alone. The soul awaits our humanity to reunify in God Consciousness, the knowledge of the Collective Soul.

Mighty I AM Presence within me. Let your energy flow through my body, physical, mental, emotional and spiritual to manifest the perfection now, I ask and command that this appeal is approved in perfect and divine time, show me the path to ascension, inspire me to live through the Heart, fan the fires of my Threefold Flame upon the Altar of my Heart. I will to will Thy Will. Let it be so. So it is. And so it shall be. OM.

Rev. Renee Bledsoe
October 07th -  Building the Temple
October 14th - The 3 E's: Energy, Emotions and Empathy
October 21st - Sustainable Energy: The Unfolding of the Energetic Heart
October 28th - Body Temple: Physician Heal Thyself - Rev. Maribel Figueroa

That which is like unto itself is drawn.
I am a multi-dimensional being of light, color and sound frequencies.
I re-attune my body through energy healing and balancing activities.
I magnetize my clear intentions into my life.
I receive divine inspiration through the channel of my higher self.
I clear my energy field through prayer, ritual and visualization.
I invoke the Light for healing and enlightenment.
I access the wisdom of the ages through study of ancient mystery teachings.
I see and experience the divinity of all that is.
I am a vessel for the Light.
I am integrating Light into my physical body.
I am on the path of ascension to higher consciousness, opening new pathways for all mankind.
My consciousness lifts me into ever higher realms of love and light.
I am filled with well-being and high intentions for the greater good of all mankind.
My joy will heal and delight the world.
The “I am” presence within me is at peace in my being.
I acknowledge my emotions so that I can be in the present moment.
I give the gift of my attention to someone who needs to be seen.
I experience the power of love, compassion and forgiveness in my life.
I unconditionally release judgment of myself and others.
I observe with  awareness the hidden meanings of my experiences.
I call to my power animal to enrich my life and call upon new programs for empowerment and healing.
If I wish to experience more love, I will love myself more, by caring for my physical, emotional and spiritual well being.
 If I wish for others to treat me with kindness, care and respect, I will do those same things for myself.
If I wish to be more abundant, I will invest in myself.
If I wish that others will utilize my services, I will utilize the services of others.
I am a part of the greater temple of humanity.
My body is a temple for my holy heart.