Saturday, December 1, 2018

DECEMBER 2018: The Power of Optimism

“What is hope but a feeling of optimism, a thought that says things will improve, it won’t always be bleak, and there’s a way to rise above the present circumstances.” ―Wayne W. Dyer

There is no doubt that doing the shadow work to uncover unclaimed, unknown and hidden belief systems, troubles and traumas is beneficial. But in every earnest seekers life comes the moment where they have begun to also discover their latent gifts and talents. They have found some of that light from within. For it is through the excavation of the deep recesses of our soul that we can bring forth our miraculous true nature.

Now, things start to get exciting. Maybe, just maybe they start to believe that they can create a better life, a new way. Hope springs from that very light from within, and slowly but surely the power of optimism begins to light up our life as we start to become fully aware that it is up to us to create the world we want to live in, and leave to our children.

As we begin to take personal responsibility we begin to take back our power, leaving the victim behind, and changing our attitude from one of entitlement and waiting for others to make things better, to one of empowerment, excitement and creativity. This feels more like it. When we get in flow with our soul, we no longer  scatter our energy. We find something important, something that really feels right and good for one and all.

For many of us this is the first time in our lives that we feel that what we do is enough. This leads us into the state of grace that gives us limitless supply of all things needful, both spiritual and material. We no longer feel like a leaf in the wind, we no longer think that our physical existence is soulless and we start to live life with a smile and in joy.

“Optimism refuses to believe that the road ends without options.” ―Robert H. Schuller

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