Thursday, March 31, 2022

APRIL 2022: Love Reigns Supreme

“If a great thing can be done, it can be done easily, but this ease is like the ease of a tree blossoming after long years of gathering strength.”  ~John Ruskin

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April 10 -  Will to Good
April 17 -  Easter Sunday  Church-In-Circle
April 24 -  Garden of Grace

In the springtime we experience what can be thought of as the "first harvest", with the second often more widely recognized harvest in the fall. If we were to apply the cycles of the seasons to the cycles of our lives, we would gain a great deal of insight about how to recognize the opportunities that are available to us and work more effectively with the energies of the times. For example, understanding the subtleties of the first harvest has important implications which are important to the development of our soul. For the first harvest relates directly to the emergence of the soul, because it involves the restoration of beauty and bounty to the earth; blossoming of flowers, new life, growth and greening. Love is literally in the air!

“The role of the artist I now understood as that of revealing through the world-surfaces the implicit forms of the soul, and the great agent to assist the artist was the myth.” ~Joseph Campbell

It might be helpful to think of the things that we experience in the springtime as being the work of the soul, and to take that a step further, understand that what is nurtured and harvested at this time, will have an effect on the quality of the denser second harvest of the fall. This is not necessarily about rigidly living by the seasons, but by understanding that these patterns which are revealed through nature are showing us something about manifestation and creation cycles and patterns, that are real and applicable to our lives in many areas, from relationships to businesses.

"Art need no longer be an account of past sensations. It can become the direct organization of more highly evolved sensations. It is a question of producing ourselves, not things that enslave us." ~ Angela Carter

The soul feeds upon inspiration and life force. It requires beauty and vitality to create something new and treasured from its depths. Exposing ourselves to and experiencing beauty is not an option, but just as nurturing to our being as eating and drinking. The flowers, foliage and insects of the first harvest are literally what give rise to the second, typically food crops which nourish our bodies. It is interesting to see the interplay of the two and how they are connected, with certainly one no less important, than the other. For surely if the body is weak and hungry, the soul has no vehicle, and if the soul is weak and hungry, the spirit and ultimately the body will wither.

The springtime, with its focus of tending, nurturing, flowering, and blossoming is a reminder to us all to give the joys and the artistry of the soul more weight in our lives. It reminds us that the work of the soul is anything but frivolous, for without it, we might be able to squeak by and survive for a while, but the reality is that we must allow our souls to open and bloom if we want to actually grow and thrive!

I am open to the expansion of my being.
My unique perspective and insight reveals my soul's purpose.
I allow my soul's purpose to emerge into the light.
As I find my place within my community, others can then find their place more easily.
When I work as a team, I am invoking the power of the divine feminine.
The soul's work is equally as important as any other work that I do.
I give the expression of my soul weight in my life.
I pay attention to all the aspects of my being.
I let love flow through my creations.
I create myself with intentions from my soul.
I contemplate and reflect upon my heart's desires.
I use my powers of manifestation for abundance of love, peace, purpose and joy.
I use the power of intention to create a beautiful life.
I work with Light to fill the darkness and reveal the truth of my life.
My life is my masterpiece and I live my joy.
Love is at the foundation of my every thought, word and deed.
I am loved and loving to myself and other s.
I allow the petals of my consciousness to lovingly expand to the light.
I nurture and nourish my body, mind, heart, soul and spirit.
I call upon omnipotent forces for assistance with my life, 
including angels, guides, guardians and my higher power.
I trust the omnipotent forces that I call upon.
I reach deep into my soul, for I have purified my heart and reclaimed my inner child.
I set my inner child free to grow and mature into a loving, healthy, creative adult.
I am devoted to helping others to express their soul.
I honor the spirit of all things.
I recognize my darkness, lovingly turn it into the light and look to the sun.
I open my heart to the world, by revealing my soul creations.
I receive the abundance of my soul.
I trust my soul and free myself to express my true self.
It is safe to be me because I surround myself with those who nurture and support me.
Others nurture and support me, because I nurture and support myself.
When I help myself, helpful people are drawn to me and want to do the same.
If I allow others to be served by my soul's purpose, I will attract others who are awakening to their soul purpose.
I receive the bounty of the earth and the beauty of my soul.
My wisdom is important to the world.
In my world love reigns supreme.