Friday, May 1, 2015

MAY 2015: Affirmation to Life

“We've focused long enough on what we don't want, what is evil, what destroys life. It's time to recognize what we DO want and open our hearts to allowing and receiving. It's time to stop looking at the closed doors, the destruction, the drama, the suffering and step into our bigger yes. It's time to say YES to life, and that which is abundant and life sustaining and brings positive solutions. It's time to know, understand and accept ourselves as the pure love that we are. It's time to love life and become vulnerable enough to let life love us back." - Rev. Renee Bledsoe

Sunday Talks with Rev. Renee Bledsoe
May 03 - Affirmation to Life + Wesak Festival (evening ceremony)
May 10 - The Art of Nurturing, Receiving and Allowing (Church in Circle)
May 17 - Guest Speaker - David Essel
May 24 - Vulnerability and the Freedom to Love and Be Loved
May 31 - Divine Feminine: Finding Your Bigger YES!

I am alive!
I am the Light of My Soul.
I stay true to my soul's purpose.
I am strengthened by my bigger yes.
I say YES to what is life sustaining and love affirming.
I allow myself to freely give and receive love.
My heart is broken open to more love.
I know a greater love is in me.
I learn to love like God loves.
I perfect my love in the Goddess.
My life is motivated by love.
I let love live through me.
I enjoy my life and bring in more light, beauty and creativity.
I am hopeful for our future here on earth.
I see heaven on earth.
I see prosperous communities, abundant in all that is good and right.
I fruitfully multiple good onto the earth.
I live to make my life beautiful for God.. for the All.
I listen to my heart.
I am open to the support of my community.
I offer my support to the community.
I bring my best to the table of life.
I will do my part to work together for the cause of love.
We are all connected in the Light.
I allow the Divine Mother to comfort and nurture me.
As I allow the Divine Mother to nurture me, I take better care of myself.
I am open to increasing my self care on all levels.
When I take better care of myself, it affects the All.
I attract loving kindness with my thoughts, words and deeds.
I am proof of the goodness of life.
If I think, therefore I am... then I am because I love.
I hold love in my heart.
Love comes alive in me.
I am an affirmation to love.
I re-affirm my love of life.
Life is Love.
I am life.