Wednesday, December 31, 2008

2008 was Great, But 2009 is Fine...and Kind

Below are the writings of our good friend Ted Murray. Ted channels these writings every morning during his meditation. He has been doing this for several years. They are always relevant for the day and hold beautiful profound truths, stated in a way that touches the heart. I'd like to share this one for 2009 as we cross over into the new year.

January 1, 2009
This is a time of transition. This year will mark the shift from a
sense of foreboding and fear about the future of the world to a sense
of hope. Expect miraculous changes to take place this year, within
your own personal life and within the world in general. The main
switch will be from a sense of separateness in which competition and
conflict reigns supreme to a sense of unity with all others.

This sense of unity must come from a true understanding of the soul
and its relationship with God. Once the soul is recognized as the
eternal reality of who we are, then you will automatically feel a
sense of unity with all other souls, regardless of their outward
covering. Make this feeling of unity be a fundamental aspect of your
life and treat all others as if they are a brother, a fellow soul
eternally connected to a benevolent creator.


You must be able to communicate your ideas and your love in order to
make an impact on lives of people. Although you may feel love, unless
it is expressed openly it cannot make others truly share in that love.
Everything is personal and that is why relationships are so important.
It is okay to send your love in general to the universe, but unless it
is also communicated directly on a personal level it will have little

When you look at what you have to share you will realize what an
incredible amount of abundance you have received in your life. Just as
being given material wealth gives you an obligation to share that
wealth in order to feel completely fulfilled, in the same way having
knowledge means that you must communicate it in as many ways as
possible. People are so hungry for a clear understanding of spiritual
truth. You must always strive to communicate these truths clearly,
boldly, and in as many ways as possible. Do this and you will truly
experience a life of abundance in every aspect.

by Ted Murray

Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Christmas & Winter Solstice

All too often we focus on the crucifixion of Christ and almost herald his death as his reason for living. When we do this we run the risk of missing the fine points and the highest teachings of Christ and what he embodied and anchored for humanity.

Even as we celebrate Christmas, some of us can scarcely remember the good news about the birth of Christ, because of the heaviness of his sacrifice, which incidentally means "to make sacred".

What if the true gift of Christ was delivered by his life, punctuated by his death and solidified by his re-emergence in matter and in the hearts of all mankind?

What if Christ is the human embodiment of what mother earth has been presenting to us in plain view for eons?: the winter solstice - the day that marks the return of the sun.

What if the purpose of Christ was to deliver to the human race and download into the mass consciousness the uncorrupted, upgraded program for human being? Certainly, the birth of Christ on the planet showed us many things as he took human form:

1)Humans are threefold beings: Body, Mind and Spirit/Thought, Word and Action

2)God can channel through humans.

3)Humans are capable of channeling miracles.

4)Humans will continue to evolve and do even greater things than Jesus.

5)Humans must be born (programmed), die to the stranglehold of the ego (reset), ascend (upgrade)and then return to the earth and be in the world (operate), but not of the world.(create & invent)

6)Humans are capable of unconditional love.

7)Compassion is the key to the gate of unconditional love.

The ability to love absolutely and unconditionally even as others transgress against us is what I hope we remember about Christ and celebrate at Christmas time. For as the Winter Solstice comes each year and re-enacts for us a truth that is built right into our seasons, reminding us that we are not forsaken and that renewal and rebirth always come, we understand the power of divine, transcendent love. This Sacred Love, otherwise known as Agape is not merely a feeling, it is a consciousness, and a way of being. The ability to love unconditionally, to love ourselves and our enemies both within and without is the consciousness that will lead us on to even more expansion, creation, joy and love. This is what will lead us to our destiny and to the end of all needless suffering.

"Meister Eckhart once said: ‘What good is it that Christ was born 2,000 years ago if he is not born now in your heart?’

"Lord, we do far too much celebrating your actual coming in our hearts. I believe in God, but do I believe in God-in-me? I believe in God in heaven, but do I believe in God-on-earth? I believe in God out there, but do I believe in God-with-us?

"Lord, be born in my heart. Come alive in me this Christmas! Amen."

Sunday, December 21, 2008

Christmas Tree Blessing

Holy Creator of Trees,
bless with your abundant grace
this our Christmas tree as a symbol of joy.
May its evergreen branches be a sign
of your never-fading promises.
May its colorful lights and ornaments call us
to decorate with love our home and our world.
May the gifts that surround this tree
be symbols of the gifts we have received
from the Tree of Christ’s Cross.
Holy Christmas tree within our home,
may Joy and Peace come and nest
in your branches and in our hearts. Amen.
- Author Unkown

Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Two Magnets, The Light, Relationships & God

by Renee Bledsoe, September 6, 2007

I had this amazing vision and something I can only refer to as a "download" of knowledge. I received a waking visual of this large horseshoe magnet and then I saw another horseshoe magnet come end to end with it and they repelled each other! All the while I'm having this vision I am getting streams of knowledge regarding what this is about and interpretations. And then I saw the one horseshoe magnet shield itself with a piece of metal and then it attached to this giant magnetic source that was so big that I couldn't see where it began and ended. I "knew" that this piece of metal was significant of what we might refer to as "a cause", "a project", or "an organization". I knew that this is what allows us (the magnets) to attach to the source. I could also see how two magnets repel each other. I then saw that once the one magnet who was shielded and attached to the source began attracting other pieces of metal and other magnets and they aligned in a certain way, but all drawing power from the main magnet who was channeling power from the master source.

Of course, me being a marketer, this message is not lost on me at all, but it wasn't something I consciously knew. The major lesson I received from this teaching was that it is vital to form an organization, cause or project which polarizes your message and allows you to tap into the power of the source. This creates a cooperative environment which fosters massive growth opportunities for everyone who is linked together in this way.

Here's some of the random thoughts that came as a result of that vision:

1) The body has infinite wisdom. I have created any given situation or relationship - not to punish myself, but to learn something deeply hidden about myself.
2) Keep digging and asking why until you get an understanding. Meditate on it and play mental chess with it in your mind, discuss with others.
3) Trust that the more painful or confounding something is, the more hidden and therefore the more profound the lesson and therefore worthy of pursuit. You will never find out something you are not ready to discover.
4) This also applies to how often a situation recurrs. The more often similar situations and relationships occur, the more diligently the soul and the subconscious are attempting to reconcile.
5) Lessons are for the purpose of recalibrating to a higher vibration, not just to gain humility. Having a higher vibration is what allows you to obtain fulfillment of your human potential and preferences. Therefore it is crucial to become humble.
6) Humility facilitates nothing more than a willingness to learn and remain open to all data, not for mere submissiveness.
7) The lesson may be about the other person AND about myself, but if it is in my experience it is ALWAYS about me.
8) Hurt feelings, slights, suffering, misunderstanding, pain are only created through resistance to deep body wisdom and to the lesson.
9) Everything in your experience is serving you somehow and therefore is necessary in the moment in which it is occuring.
10) If you can create pain, then you have an equal ability to create joy, love and peace.
11) The people who get under your skin the most are your greatest teachers and represent a hidden part of you that you disown.
12) The people you love and respect the most are also your greatest teachers and represent a hidden part of you that you embrace.
13) Two magnets will repell each other, therefore 2 or more people who are attention seeking will either not engage or not get along.
14) A magnet draws in metal, therefore it is crucial to become polarized in order to attract others.
15) You must be as metal and you must stop the resistance to be firmly attached to the source magnet so that you can draw in ANYONE, attention seekers (other small magnets) or truth seekers (metal).
16) You then become a mediary between the source magnet, a gatekeeper to this particular doorway of the source.
17) The source magnet has endless sources itself and can accommodate infinite doorways.
18) When you are firmly attached to the source magnet, others will be attracted to it THROUGH you, not because of YOU.
19) It will only appear that it is YOU that they are attracted to.
20) What is really attracting them is the source magnet. The source can draw much more than you ever possibly could on your own because it satisfies all requirements. But the source NEEDS you! Because is a magnet! When it teams up with you it can then both attract and repel. And this is how to carve out a path back to the source. So that is what is meant by that we can't directly look on God's face and when Jesus said the only way to the father is through me! This team now delivers the truth and it delivers attention....lots of it....potentially inexhaustible supply. In other words, it gives you the ability to have the powers of both magnet and metal!
21) This is how the law of attraction become almost effortless and is spawned by an intention as you become one of the gateways to the source. This is the over simplified science behind this magic.
22) This is why many people who attract with their own magnetism cannot sustain it and they ultimately lose their attraction. They will either surrender it or they will polarize themselves through their choices in consciousness.
23) Initially this requires a humbling, surrender, and sacrafice.
24) When you understand this, it is only humbling because you thought you were the source. Once you understand how this works words like surrender, sacrafice and humility become obsolete in your vocabulary.
25 When you realize that the source is endless and abundant and that it is not only your birthright to become a mediator for it, but is crucial to your survival, then you will stop overlaying lower levels of reality onto situations and relationships.
26) You will create the reality of your dreams through a higher vibration and those dreams will fulfill your desire to be connected to both the above and the below. Your reality with be experienced through the dimension of heaven on earth.
27) The more people who are able to fold down this alternate universe into the physical plane, the more accessible it will be to the mass consciousness and therefore more and more people will be able to do the same.
P.S. I had to look up with polarized means...I bolded the piece here that stood out to me to be a message.
The American Heritage Science Dictionary - Cite This Source
polarize (pō'lə-rīz') Pronunciation Key
  1. To separate or accumulate positive and negative electric charges in two distinct regions. Polarized objects have an electric dipole moment and will undergo torque when placed in an external electric field.
  2. To magnetize a substance so that it has the properties of a magnetic dipole, such as having a north and south pole.
  3. To cause the electrical and magnetic fields associated with electromagnetic waves, especially light, to vibrate in a particular direction or path. The transverse electric and magnetic waves always vibrate at right angles to each other, but in ordinary unpolarized light sources, the direction of polarization of each wave is randomly distributed. Light can be polarized by reflection, and by passing through certain materials. See more at polarization.
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Saturday, December 6, 2008

The Union of Spirit and Flesh

Here the spirit and soul become one, mind and matter merge into an indistinguishable continuum, God and Goddess unite within us, and the new realm of love and peace is ONE.


"The union of spirit and flesh is the 'one thing' spoken of by Hermes Trismegistus, who was also known as Mercurius, in his Emerald Tablet; it is the aqua vitae and quintessence of Alchemy; it is the Qi of Chinese Qigong; it is the Tao of Lao Tzu and Chuang Tzu; it is the Mysterious Female and tenuous matter of mystic Taoism; in Hinduism it is represented by Ardhanarisvara, who is the union of Shiva and Shakti, of being and non-being; it is the Great Way into Zen stillness, the Mother Luminosity or Rainbow Body of Dzogchen Buddhism, and the enlightened body of Buddha; it is the Tree of Life, linking Heaven and Earth; it is the transfiguration of the canononical Gospels, and the 'rapture' of Revelation; it is "of movement, and of rest", as declared by Christ in the Gospel of Thomas, and "The Word become flesh", of the Gospel of John; it is the ascension to unity spoken of in the New Age movement, and it is the eternal OM of the Goddess Lakshmi; it is the foundation of the Kabbalah; it is the unified wave structure of matter, of the new physics, and dark matter of astrophysics; it is the body electric of Walt Whitman, and the body divine. In short, the union of spirit and flesh is the essential component of all progressive cosmologies, for it is the true enlightenment.

Historically this 'oneness' has be called advaita (non-dual). However, the non-dualists of history seem to have overlooked the flesh as being part of that oneness, and continually declared that the body, and all matter, were merely illusion. Fortunately humanity is at a point in its evolution where the flesh can be known to be divine, and a new advaita in which emptiness and fullness are one can come into being. For some people there must be a healing of the pain caused by division in order for them to return to the original harmony of the cosmos.

The use of Tibetan singing bowls and Crystal singing bowls can assist in the re-union of our harmonic oneness. This eternal unity is well documented by Masaru Emoto, and Helena Blavatsky. One of the key players in this re-union is the Green Man. In traditional Buddhist spirituality this profound unification is known as Maitreya. In Hindu lore this new vibration is known as Kalki. In Taoism this union is practiced by the circulation of the light. Ken Wilber calls it the one taste, which in Tibetan Buddhism is known as Yab-yum. Sri Aurobindo and the Mother spoke of the divine body.

It is through this new, and absolute, unity and oneness that the true ascension of Sophia, our cosmic being, occurs. This is when the vibration of flesh is raised into the vibration of spirit, and the vibration of spirit descends into harmony with the flesh. Within this new and holy oneness, nothing shall be alien: matter is mind, will is consciousness, and flesh is now holy ground! A truly Pagan event: the divination of matter has occurred. This unification is the actual intent behind the Christian Eucharist and the Catholic communion; the word 'catholic' means 'universality'- or, that which is without limits. Communion is thus the integration of the body (flesh) and the blood (spirit), of Heaven and Earth, of form and formlessness, of Creator and Created, and of He and She.

The Aquarian Age is upon us, and Love is the one and only Law. And, as in the Jeweled Web of Indra- in which the entire cosmos is made of hollow gems, each filled with nothing but the reflection of all other gems- we must now know and feel that separateness is an illusion and we are all actually an interdependent, multidimensional, infinite oneness. Each of us is everything. A great silence. A new vibration. An holistic ascension. This is the Aquarian Awakening into the Cosmic Christ."

Blessings on your journey.

"To become light, bodily, is the destiny of man."

Adi Da

Consciousness is matter. Body is mind. Spirit is flesh.
Everything is everything. Everything is the same thing.
Everything is the same one thing. One. Flesh is now holy ground. Amen.


Friday, December 5, 2008

Filling up for the holidays

Its that time of year... so much to do, so many things to attend to... parties, shopping, events filling up our calenders. In my work as a Cranio-Sacral therapist we learn how the the Cranio-Sacral fluid in the spine empties and then fills back up...Flexion and Extension..So too, our bodies and spirit fills and empties and we only need to pay attention to our bodies to notice where we are at. This holiday season as we struggle to keep up with all of the extra things that are taking up our time, take time to check in with yourselves.. are you running on empty? When we check in with ourselves and do an energy assesment, we can choose to fill ourselves up by taking time for things that bring us peace and joy... slowing down to appreciate our families, taking quiet time for ourselves in solitude, enjoying the precious moments of just being. Saying no to the hustle and bustle just for a short time can fill us up in so many ways. Just stop and listen to your physical body, is it calling for rest.. then rest.. is it calling for a quiet walk... then walk, some time in meditation... then meditate. Put everything aside and do that which fills you. As for me... ususally this time of year, I just go and do and forget about the being and by the new year I am depleted. This year, I am listening and checking in with myself and giving myself permission to take care of me. Spending time with my loved ones, enjoying my alone time in my home, stopping to light a candle on my alter and communing with Spirit and yes saying no when I feel empty are all parts of this holiday for me.. A Christmas present to myself that allows me to give my best self to those around me. So put yourself on the calender this year and fill up...