Wednesday, December 31, 2008

2008 was Great, But 2009 is Fine...and Kind

Below are the writings of our good friend Ted Murray. Ted channels these writings every morning during his meditation. He has been doing this for several years. They are always relevant for the day and hold beautiful profound truths, stated in a way that touches the heart. I'd like to share this one for 2009 as we cross over into the new year.

January 1, 2009
This is a time of transition. This year will mark the shift from a
sense of foreboding and fear about the future of the world to a sense
of hope. Expect miraculous changes to take place this year, within
your own personal life and within the world in general. The main
switch will be from a sense of separateness in which competition and
conflict reigns supreme to a sense of unity with all others.

This sense of unity must come from a true understanding of the soul
and its relationship with God. Once the soul is recognized as the
eternal reality of who we are, then you will automatically feel a
sense of unity with all other souls, regardless of their outward
covering. Make this feeling of unity be a fundamental aspect of your
life and treat all others as if they are a brother, a fellow soul
eternally connected to a benevolent creator.


You must be able to communicate your ideas and your love in order to
make an impact on lives of people. Although you may feel love, unless
it is expressed openly it cannot make others truly share in that love.
Everything is personal and that is why relationships are so important.
It is okay to send your love in general to the universe, but unless it
is also communicated directly on a personal level it will have little

When you look at what you have to share you will realize what an
incredible amount of abundance you have received in your life. Just as
being given material wealth gives you an obligation to share that
wealth in order to feel completely fulfilled, in the same way having
knowledge means that you must communicate it in as many ways as
possible. People are so hungry for a clear understanding of spiritual
truth. You must always strive to communicate these truths clearly,
boldly, and in as many ways as possible. Do this and you will truly
experience a life of abundance in every aspect.

by Ted Murray