Friday, December 5, 2008

Filling up for the holidays

Its that time of year... so much to do, so many things to attend to... parties, shopping, events filling up our calenders. In my work as a Cranio-Sacral therapist we learn how the the Cranio-Sacral fluid in the spine empties and then fills back up...Flexion and Extension..So too, our bodies and spirit fills and empties and we only need to pay attention to our bodies to notice where we are at. This holiday season as we struggle to keep up with all of the extra things that are taking up our time, take time to check in with yourselves.. are you running on empty? When we check in with ourselves and do an energy assesment, we can choose to fill ourselves up by taking time for things that bring us peace and joy... slowing down to appreciate our families, taking quiet time for ourselves in solitude, enjoying the precious moments of just being. Saying no to the hustle and bustle just for a short time can fill us up in so many ways. Just stop and listen to your physical body, is it calling for rest.. then rest.. is it calling for a quiet walk... then walk, some time in meditation... then meditate. Put everything aside and do that which fills you. As for me... ususally this time of year, I just go and do and forget about the being and by the new year I am depleted. This year, I am listening and checking in with myself and giving myself permission to take care of me. Spending time with my loved ones, enjoying my alone time in my home, stopping to light a candle on my alter and communing with Spirit and yes saying no when I feel empty are all parts of this holiday for me.. A Christmas present to myself that allows me to give my best self to those around me. So put yourself on the calender this year and fill up...