Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Tree of Life Ascension

A 6 Session Kabbalah Series Begins April 19th
with Caroline Ravelo

What is The Kabbalah Tree of Life Ascension series about?
This experiential study allows students to receive the knowledge, understanding and wisdom from ancient teachings relevant to life today. The series provides lessons, study exercises and processes to awaken the senses and raise consciousness. It is an amazing journey to explore and experience the levels of consciousness to bring about new possibilities and opportunities for true living.

Who should consider taking this series?
Anyone interested in expanding their field of awareness in understanding to manage their thoughts, feelings, beliefs, actions.
It is the one who wishes to grow, without boundaries, to examine how we work with spiritual energy to manifest what we experience in life.

Why are sessions held over a period of time?
Sessions are scheduled over a period of time to allow students the time to receive information and energy which is then practiced and experienced. This allows for deeper learning, to develop awareness and to bring into one’s self the understanding and wisdom provided to the student alone.

How do I register for the course?
Call or the center where you found this flyer. The series is $420, payable by cash or check. When you register, you will be asked to provide your name, birth name, birth day, and birth time. As much information that you can provide allows the  teacher to provide additional information to help you through the program.

Is there anything I need to bring for the class?
We suggest that you bring a journal and pen specifically for this program. Many students have found it helpful to take notes on their insights and experiences of this program. It is a wonderful tool to be able to track and monitor your growth. You can come back to the study tools and practices again and again to help yourself grow in the process.

Are other tools necessary for the class?
The teacher will bring additional tools that will be used for the class. All materials are provided. If however, you have a tarot deck that you are fond of using, you may bring the deck with you for the class.

Who teaches this program?
Caroline Ravelo is a Spiritual Teacher, Life and Business Coach, Writer and Speaker. She is passionate about the teachings of Kabbalah and helping others enrich their lives through personal growth and life creation. Caroline works with clients and students from around the country who are dedicated to living a purposeful life based on the dreams and passions they choose to experience.  

MONDAY, APRIL 19- Kabbalah The Tree of Life Ascension – 6:30pm. Come experience the wisdom and understanding of the Tree of Life.
This journey awakens the senses and raises consciousness. 6 part series: 4/19,5/3,5/17,5/24,6/7,6/21, $420.
Church of Spiritual Light, 1939 Park Meadows Dr. Unit 1, Ft. Myers. RSVP 791-6749, 560-6314 or email CarolineRavelo@aol.com