Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Happy Holiday Dance Party 2010

Join us for an evening of holiday celebration, food and fun. Bring your dancing shoes and get ready to party hearty. Also bring your favorite dish to share. Come together to be with one another, in your sacred space, with your tribal community in brotherhood and sisterhood. We must retrain ourselves and reframe not only our own, but the cosmic shift out of suffering and into our natural state of wellbeing, abundance and joy. Let's end the year by bringing in more JOY! Being more IN JOY - so ENJOY Your Life!

December 18th, Saturday 6:30pm - All Welcome

Sunday Sermons - IMAGINE JOY!
Dec 5 - Featured Speaker: Rev. Joanna Salerno
Dec 12 - Featured Speaker: Rev. David Essel
Dec 19 - The Conditions of Unconditional Love
Dec 26 - The Day After Christmas Celebration

December Affirmations
I am a shining star, radiating love to one and all.
I take my place in this world and express my special genius.
I am supported by the oneness of the Universe to become a unique expression of God/Goddess.
The stronger my sense of self, the less I need to prove myself to others or myself.
I allow my sense of purpose to full emerge in my life.
I tap into the angelic forces to empower and enrich my life.
I help others to realize their dreams, when I realize my own.
I allow myself to embody grace, peace and poise in all my dealings.
As my soul matures, my personality and character align with the Truth of my entire being.
My desires are purified by the Light of truth and guided by Love.
I am a vital part of the brotherhood and sisterhood of humanity.
When I take my rightful place, this allows others to do the same.
Others, who are a part of my soul contract, are waiting for me to accept my power.
My joy leads me to the Light.
Peaceful acceptance of what is leads me to the path of realization of my highest good.
I am open to experience more love, peace and joy in my life.
I unconditionally love and accept myself exactly as I am in this moment.
I surrender to my soul and set my Spirit free.
I am a radiant light unto the world.
I receive the love of all that is into my being, so that I can share this love freely.
My art, my creativity is the gateway to my joy.
As I open up and allow others to assist me, I activate the divine template for abundance.
I recognize the face of God/Goddess in every living being.
Each day I give gratitude for the abundance of blessings in my life.
I am thrilled to be a human, alive at this time in our cosmic evolution.
The value of my love is priceless to myself and others.
I am open to the discovery of my entire being and all the magic contained within.
While I am the superstar and lead character of my life experience, it is the desire of the God force within me to be the cause of joy to others.
Bringing peace on earth and goodwill toward men is the foundation of all my soul intentions.
I follow the instruction of my soul.
I now live only by my soul intentions.

 by Rev. Renee Bledsoe
Permission to freely distribute granted.